This is it, Summer at last?

Photo of an English lawn taken on 16 July 2007...
Photo of an English lawn taken on 16 July 2007 – the area on the left was mowed twice in 2007 and the area on the right had not been mowed in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t have good weather here in the UK all of the time or even most of the time. Our seasons are all over the place sometimes so that when we expect warm weather it can be cold, expecting dry weather and it rains. One good thing about our climate is that it varies throughout the year but after months of inclement and unpredictable weather we yearn for something more stable, especially in the Summer months. Not every year is the same either, some years we get nice summers but at other times it has been a complete washout. One thing we can say about our weather is that it is predictably unpredictable! It is now late June, the 29th to be exact as I write this on Monday afternoon and the day has been hot and humid, dry (that is it hasn’t been raining) and very sunny. The rest of the week promises to be even hotter and more humid with no rain. Well that is this week, what happens next week is something else. It will already be July as you read this in a couple of days’ time for I write much of my posts a few days in advance. The months of July and August should be the best months of the year if you like warm or even hot weather so I am wondering if this year will prove to be so. We can only hope. Now although I like sunny weather I am not fond of it being too warm or humid, preferring as I do the cooler months. Sunshine is nice any time in the year for me. Today, that is Monday, I had no electrical work to do though I had some offers. Those offers were too distant for me to accept as I would need to charge extra for travel and mileage. I cannot expect my customers to pay for that when most of the time the jobs are small and don’t warrant being charged too much. For those jobs closer to home I can afford not to charge too much extra. Anyway as I hadn’t any offers by two o’clock I took a walk to the pub and treated myself to a two-course dinner with a soft drink and a coffee to follow the meal. As it was two-thirty by the time I got there finding a seat was easy. It was nice to sit inside in the cool air though some were outside dining in the heat and no doubt fending off the flies! That is another reason I don’t eat outdoors unless it is a barbecue. The smoke keeps most of the pesky insects at bay! On my return home I stopped to chat to my next-door neighbour for a minute. She is having her bathroom refurbished and I think after seeing what E and I have done with our bathroom it prompted her to do something with hers. We did encourage her to do it by the way. As soon as I got inside I was outside again having a drink out on the patio but as my readers know I didn’t remain seated too long. I got up and watered the garden, paying particular attention to the lawn. It is a catch twenty-two situation with the lawn, if it isn’t watered it suffers in the warmer months because the grass is kept short and if left to grow it will retain more moisture in the roots but looks unsightly! Can’t win with lawns. Even watering our lawn every day doesn’t always guarantee it remains green and lush and that is because the drainage is too good, being as it is on sandy soil. I do what I can but the heat of the day is oppressive and limits my activity.

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