Rough time for some

It Ain't My Fault
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I meet all kinds of people in my line of work as you might well imagine. Some people have it all as the saying goes whilst others struggle in their lives. On Wednesday morning I went to connect a cooker to an existing circuit in an apartment a lady had just moved into. She was around my age, perhaps a little younger and she had moved in two days previously. She moved out of the home she shared with her husband who evidently has been mistreating her for years. In her own words she told me that she’d had enough of him. He is currently taking a holiday somewhere (obviously without her) and whilst he is away she has taken all her belongings and moved out. Now she is setting herself up in this nice little apartment in a nice setting in the town. I felt sorry for her but I am sure she will settle in quickly once she has a working cooker! Now about the cooker, it had been damaged in transit but she was prepared to accept that as the damage wouldn’t be on view once the cooker was in position. Whilst she was negotiating that with the supplier I got on with connecting the cooker. When we began testing that everything was in working order it went well until we attempted to switch on the last heating ring. On doing so there was a ‘bang’ and a flash of light from beneath the glass hob and the circuit cut off. So not only was the new cooker physically damaged it had an electrical fault too! The lady called the supplier once again and I spoke with them explaining what had happened. It appears that they need to send the manufacturer’s engineer to check the appliance before they will change it. It could be that they will repair the fault if it is repairable on order to save replacing it. I could of course have checked it in the same way but that would have compromised the guarantee and in any case I don’t carry out repairs to appliances having not done so for many years. I disconnected the cooker from the supply ready for it to be replaced but if it is repaired it will need reconnecting. Either the engineer will do that or I will return and do it for her at no extra charge. She asked me if I could install a power point in her lounge in the weeks ahead as she indicated the need for one. It may be days before she gets her cooker problem solved but I am sure she will cope with that. Well I was back home well before lunch but wasn’t feeling hungry and aside from that I wanted to eat out again. Okay it would be for the third day in a row but hey, if I can then why not? Before I went out at sometime before two I had been on the computer wishing to check my main current account but after a couple of attempts I was locked out again for the third time this year. I could say it was all my own fault but the real culprit is my security program, Norton 360 which likes to auto-sign me in to whichever site it holds the details for. There is the option of ignoring any particular site if I wish to do so and this bank account had been set as one of them. However it ignored the request so that each time I submitted my details and thinking it was my fault for submitting the wrong ones Norton was kindly filling in the forms for me with all the wrong details. Grrrrrr… That meant after my three attempts I was locked out and had to phone the bank for them to send me a new password. I must make sure that Norton does not auto-fill my details next time and indeed I have set it so that it shouldn’t, in fact it now has to ask before filling in any forms! Anyway that aside I wanted to make a deposit in the bank but of course I can’t do that over the Internet as it was a cash deposit. So off I strolled to the bank after which I strolled to the pub for my late lunch. Later in the afternoon I was out in the garden watering the plants when I received a call from the lady with the cooker problem who informed me that a replacement cooker is being delivered on Saturday. I told her to call me once it arrives so that I can connect it for her which will be today sometime as you read this.

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  1. A short-circuit on a brand new cooker? Dear me, it makes one wonder whether they’re ever tested before leaving the factory… or is that transit damage more serious that it looked?

    As for Norton 360, the clue is in the name, of course – the full circle of security threats, including the ones that you’d rather sort out yourself. When I bought my new laptop, the salesman tried (unsuccessfully) to sell me McAffee, which I suspect is similar to the Norton offering

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