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On Wednesday evening I was in bed around ten-thirty and although my eyes were closed I could see the bright flash of lightning illuminating the room. I got out of bed and opened the window so that I could watch Nature‘s wonderful display and I wasn’t disappointed. Sheet lightning lit up the clouds from the inside every few seconds then streaks flashed from one end of the sky to the other almost in slow-motion as I gazed at the wonderful display. Occasionally I would see streaks between the sky and the ground. Slowly the storm moved northward but just as I thought it was all over another small storm blew over the house. Eventually all was calm but it was now raining and I was glad about that. I love thunderstorms and could watch them for hours. I had watered the gardens earlier in the evening and it didn’t seem enough, especially for the lawn, for it had been quite a hot and humid day. It wasn’t as hot as the weather girl had claimed for we had been told that Wednesday had been the hottest day of the current heat wave and certainly of the year but in fact Tuesday had been warmer and very humid too. Now the gardens would be fully watered and I wouldn’t need to do it in the morning as I had been doing lately. I woke up on Thursday morning to bright sunshine but it was cloudy too and noticeably cooler I discovered later. I had no work scheduled and was expecting or hoping for some to turn up but no-one called until later. The first call was from the couple I in whose house I had worked in on Tuesday telling me that they had lost all their electrical power so I talked them through some checks they could do themselves to see if they could reset the supply. However from what they told me the fault lay outside their home so I asked them to check with their neighbours to see if their supplies were okay. It seems they too were having problems. It turned out that the electrical storm of the previous evening had outed a high-voltage piece of equipment in a local sub-station. I could not help them. The second caller was asking me to do work I am no longer involved in doing so I declined her invitation. The rest of the day was spent at home doing very little and as the day progressed it became wetter outside so I couldn’t even sit out on the patio. As it was Thursday E spent most of the afternoon out shopping for food. Friday was promised to be a better day as far as the weather was concerned but as for work, well as I write this on Thursday evening I have none, however that might change. I had been tempted to dine-out yet again on the day but I resisted and cooked at home. I can always dine out tomorrow, that is if I am not working!

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