Less to do?

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4 days of Evangelism Training in Southern California provided by LivingWaters Ministry. Obeying the great commission of Jesus Christ. “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone” Mark 16:15 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday morning I went to see an old lady living some eight miles away. She had called me the night before at 1035 pm! I was in bed when the call came in and though I do have a bedside house phone I ignored the call at such a late hour. My mobile phone gets plugged into its charger during the night and is also at my bedside. No-one calls me on that phone during the evening or night, well not usually. She left a message on my house phone which I listened to the following morning, Tuesday. Evidently she was having problems with a wall light fitting saying that it was hanging off (the wall) and a neighbour had refitted it a couple of times to no avail. A very simple job to repair though when I phoned her in the morning I explained I would be charging my minimum fee. After telling her what that amount would be and asking if she still wished me to do the job she agreed that I could do it. I drove over there and on my arrival she was standing at the door. I found nothing wrong with the security of the light’s fixing to the wall but I checked it anyway. What I did find was a broken lamp in the holder which I removed and replaced with a new one. In view of the fact that I had done very little I told the lady I would only be charging half of the minimum fee. She apologised for having brought me over for such a silly reason but I didn’t mind in the least. She asked if I would like a drink of tea or coffee and she had a kind of hopeful expression on her face as she asked. I could sense that she wanted a little company so I accepted her offer and we each sat down with a cup of coffee. She asked about my reasons for becoming an electrician and where I had worked over the last 53 years. Somehow the conversation turned to Christianity and I asked her if she believed in God and Jesus Christ. She said she believed in God but I could tell that Jesus was not really known to her. She sat there fascinated as I told her about The Gospel and the message of salvation. She produced an old King James Bible from a drawer and gave it to me after I’d asked if she had one. I read several passages from the Old and New Testaments to convey the message and she hung on my every word. Later she told me that I was a good teacher! She also told me I was good company. I encouraged her to pursue the faith and to look for a good church where she would learn more. I prayed for her. Now I am always ready to witness to people and seize any opportunities as and when they arise but it is especially nice when it comes unexpectedly. A drove home a little better off financially but more importantly thankful that I’d had the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. I stopped off at a filling station to get fuel for my van which uses diesel and a small container of  petrol for my lawnmower as I had used the last drop to fill the mower a couple of days ago and would probably need more when I next cut the grass. I did very little else for the rest of the day..

Shirley Anne