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Days Like These (song)
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Perhaps it is just the seasonal variations but my workload has dropped off somewhat over the last few weeks. I do get some work which is enough to cover my costs with a little over but there are too many days devoid of anything electrical I can do. I am pretty certain that will change though if the past is anything to go by. I had such an empty day on Wednesday but I had already decided I would have my lunch in the pub providing I wasn’t working and I was half-hoping I wouldn’t get any. My wish came true so just before noon I set off to walk to the pub. It was a very windy day and much cooler than of late and it was cloudy and overcast too. The clouds did break up later in the afternoon and the sun came out but it was still cool and windy. As it happened I was their first customer but only because no-one else was seated outside waiting. I try not to eat lunch so early in the day but this day I’d had an early breakfast so it didn’t matter. I was about half-way through my main course (I treated myself to a dessert later) when suddenly the pub filled with customers, most of whom had pre-booked a table in the main dining area. I noticed a group of ladies come in and one of them looked suspiciously like E’s half-sister. I tried to get a closer look without being obvious about it but it was difficult to identify her even though she was a mere two metres away from my table as they walked through. I was certain it was her but I wasn’t going to let her know that I was there if she hadn’t noticed. Maybe she had noticed and didn’t wish to let on. They moved into the main dining area and were seated on the other side of the ‘open’ wall which separated us. The top half of the wall doesn’t really exist but it consists of shelving on which there are several pieces of maritime articles, a ship’s bell, sea gulls, sailing boats and a large wooden steering wheel. My ex ‘sister-in-law’ sat down immediately behind the wall with her back to me and I could only just see the top of her head. Once she began to speak with her friends I knew it was her as I recognised her voice. I still didn’t impose myself on them, it is something I would never do even if I know the person. Anyway I finished my meal and went to the bar to pay my tab and had a little chat with my favourite landlady before leaving for home. She told me that she hadn’t yet viewed the DVD I had loaned her two weeks ago and apologised. I told her to keep it until she had the time to view it and then she said she was going on a short holiday soon to Ibiza to which I responded, ‘To the under thirties club?’ She interrupted by saying, ‘No the over fifties one!’ I guess she is a party girl irrespective of her age. I could spend every day in that pub having lunch but I guess I would soon get bored with that idea. I would much rather be out doing something and visiting the pub occasionally instead. Pretty much what I usually do. Oh and at six o’clock in the evening I received a call from a lady wanting her new cooker connecting. As she couldn’t be available during the days for a while because of the nature of her work I offered to go there immediately and connect it. She paid me more than I’d asked simply because I responded straight away. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.

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