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Scoreboard at Wimbledon
Scoreboard at Wimbledon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I should confess that my ‘treat’ wasn’t exactly something new for me, I simply dined out again at my local pub. I had this crazy woman call me on the phone on Thursday morning. She was the type who just wouldn’t stop chatting. It seems she wanted several electrical jobs doing and wanted me to go to her house and give her an estimate for the work. However, I seldom do that these days because most of the time it is a waste of time, my time! Often the person will then give the work to someone else so what I tell them is that I can give them a rough idea over the phone as long as they tell me what it is they want. My years of experience allow me to be able to do that and it saves me wasting my time and the customer doesn’t have to wait in whilst I wander about looking at the prospective work. I am never far wrong with my estimate and then it is up to the customer. This particular woman yakked on so much I could hardly get a word in but finally I got a picture in my mind as to what she wanted but even then she kept adding to her original request. I gave her a figure to think about and told her to call me once she had bought the lights she wanted amongst other things to be fitted. I hoped she wouldn’t call back! I just can’t be doing with some people who faff about not really knowing what they want and then wanting what they want doing for next to nothing! It was noon but although I’d had breakfast very early I was prepared to wait until after two o’clock before going to the pub for my meal. As I expected it was easy to find a seat at that time and this time I was seated directly in view of one of the television screens they have dotted about the premises. The tennis championships at Wimbledon were being televised, it being the time of year for the events. I used to watch the tennis quite often but over the last few years my interest has declined. Nevertheless it was nice to be able to watch some of the play. My ‘treat’ was a two-course meal with a non-alcoholic beer and coffee later. It cost me a little over twenty pounds, a little more than I usually pay for my lunch. I spent some time in the pub, more than I usually do when having lunch and then walked back home in the warm sunshine. I decided to water the garden even though we have had quite a lot of rain lately for during these warm months it needs it. Afterward I sat with a coffee out on the patio reading the last few books of The Bible. Another full reading completed. No doubt I will be starting over again later! In the meantime I will still be delving into it reading different things. E had been out all afternoon as usual on a Thursday but she had left washing out on the line so I decided to take it down, fold it and take it indoors to save her the trouble. Looks like Friday is going to be another scorching and hot day, probably too hot for comfort.

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