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122On Saturday morning I was sitting out on the patio after breakfast drinking a cup of coffee and simply resting in the warm sun looking around. There was a large empty space in the flower bed next to the patio which really needed filling with a shrub or a plant of some sort. I had an idea to buy another Phoenix Canariensis plant, two of which we already have in pots on the patio. They are a semi-tropical plant but can survive in the UK as long as they are protected from cold wind and too much moisture in the soil. They need to be planted where there is good drainage so that they don’t rot. They do like watering and bright sunshine naturally and the two we have in pots have survived because of the drainage factor. They have suffered a little because of the wind though but I am taking steps to solve that problem for the colder months of the year. I decided therefore to buy one that I could plant in the flower bed and two more to place on the patio. The two new ones on the patio would need large earthen pots. At the same time I thought I would buy another shrub of a different species for the front garden, an evergreen plant to fill some of the empty space in the area surrounding the flag pole. I would also need to purchase large granite chippings (20mm stones) to place beneath the plant I would put in the flower bed. So off I drove to ‘Dobbies‘ not knowing exactly what I would buy but I came away with two large plant pots, three Phoenix Canariensis, two small ones and one larger and another plant for the front garden whose name I cannot remember. Maybe one of my readers will tell me as I am posting pictures of them all below. I also visited the builders merchant for a bag of gravel. Fortunately collecting these things is easy when you have a van! I had taken out some of my electrical gear beforehand to make space. On my return home I set about planting them all as you can see. The Phoenix Canariensis I planted in the flowerbed is well drained as beneath it is a layer of broken bricks topped with a thick layer of granite chippings then fertilizing compost surrounded by more granite chippings. I have also included a picture of the Laurel shrubs (above) I planted a year or so ago and one of the strawberry plants which grow in a raised bed between the two greenhouses. So here goes…..The second picture is a usurper but it shows the new flowerbed we constructed when we dug out our ‘mound’ (see last summers’ posts) and how much the plants we planted there have developed since then.

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