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Following on from yesterday’s post where I talked about boxing in the newly planted Phoenix Canariensis I was thinking of doing it today, that is Tuesday as I write this. However the rain eased off on Monday afternoon so I set about doing it then. here is the picture and in it you can see the top of part of the stone ‘box’ I constructed and buried into the flower bed. As of this moment I haven’t decided how to camouflage those visible edges. It would be senseless in simply covering them with soil as the idea is to keep its contents separated from the surrounding soil as far as possible. The idea is you see to allow the soil in the box to drain more easily and to that end as I mentioned in yesterday’s post the base is filled with suitable rocks and granite stones to allow that to happen. You cannot see in the picture but there is a plastic collar surrounding the plant just beneath the soil within the box to reduce the presence of water around the base of the plant when the rain is heavy. All technical stuff! Click on the image to magnify….124So now it is Tuesday morning and I was without electrical work for the day so after breakfast I decided to do some work in the garden. I was out there at eight o’clock whilst the temperature was still cool and I began to work at completing the little containing wall at the front right of the mound. This work had been abandoned by E who had in fact done the rest of the wall whilst I was involved with some heavier tasks at the time. I had thought she would finish the last small section which only involved sinking in just two more slabs of stone but for some reason she hasn’t bothered.









If you click on the lower right picture you may be able to see the last two stones I fitted. After doing that I filled in the gaps in the whole wall between each stone and between the stones and the paving slabs where ants had been busy leaving soil on the pavement which they had removed. They will have great difficulty in doing that now but no doubt they will do it some other way. I admire ants, they are so industrious. I then fetched four large slabs of stone of which we’ve still plenty from digging them out last year (see June/July 2014 posts) and laid them in the soil. You can see those in this pictures and the one above also. It was now eleven-thirty so I drove to the garden centre again and purchased five more plants to put in the mound. Actually one of those five, a Rhododendron I put in the front garden to supplement the plant I placed there on Saturday. The last picture shows the two together, the nearest being the Rhododendron. .The other pictures below show the plants I placed in the mound itself. The first is another Rhododendron to the left of the tree trunk (not a good shot I admit) and to the right of it is a fern I didn’t purchase but had removed it from the mound whilst we were working on it last year and didn’t get around to putting it back. The second picture shows the last Rhododendron planted on the rear side of the mound and behind it you can see within the mound and just this side of the path the two plants which are also shown in the third picture, they are a Camellia on the left and an Azalea on the right.






















What makes you think I have begun to enjoy gardening?

Shirley Anne


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