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74Yesterday’s post was entitled ‘The gardening bug’ and is indicative of just how much I have been involved in working in the garden, not just lately but also over the last couple of years. I always maintained that I was disinterested in gardening and only did it in a supportive way to help E who does like gardening. However my main interest in gardening has always been in its development rather than its maintenance, for instance in constructing the patio, the outdoor electrical circuits (I wonder why that could be?), constructing the bases for the greenhouses and the area surrounding them, the ‘mound’ in removing the old one and developing the new one and several other things both in the rear and front gardens. Whenever I work on a project, no matter where it is, I have already seen the results inside my head. I see the finished project and then strive to make it a reality. I never seem to be completely satisfied though and am always looking for something else I can do. Sadly one or two projects have temporarily fallen by the wayside, like the garden toilet and others have developed into something different from what I first envisaged. I never seem to be able to sit down and just enjoy my achievements, as demonstrated over the last three or four days. Today as I write this (Wednesday) I went out onto the patio after breakfast but ended up checking the work I had done the day before. I discovered that the ants had basically shifted the entrances to their nest to places behind the little wall I had filled-in with cement except in one or two minor spots. I had therefore to mix a little more cement mortar to fill them in. The cementing I had done the day before had now set rock-hard. Having done that I decided to pot-on two small plants that sit on one of the steps below the arch on the patio. They had been in small pots within larger pots for stability but now I have transferred them into the larger pots. Speaking of bugs, there were plenty of them lodged between the larger and smaller pots, slugs, snails spiders and woodlice galore! After I had potted the plants I removed the mobile barbecue from the patio and placed it under cover by the rear entrance to one of the garages then swept the patio. I finally had to stop for I could see myself continuing to look for something to do and not have any rest at all. I had arisen around five-fifteen and was out in both gardens watering them a little after six o’clock. Three quarters of an hour later I was emptying out the kitchen waste bin and cleaning it! I actually had breakfast just after six-thirty. Lunch would be sometime after two o’clock as I planned to dine out at my local pub, well it’s one way to keep me from working!

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