I remember this song from my very early years. Mum and dad had a large valve radio that was powered by a wet cell battery and I remember visiting the local recording studio which also supplied recharged batteries. Dad would take along the drained battery and return home with a fully charged one, with me tagging along sometimes. I guess I would have been about five or six years old or maybe only three or four. I have fond memories of listening to the Bill Cotton Band Show which must have been broadcast by the BBC on long wave. For those who know nothing about radio except the digital ones of today, which I hasten to add I own, radio was broadcast as an analogue signal superimposed on a carrier wave. The carrier wavelength being, short, medium or long. I heard this song quite a number of times in those early years and this rendition of it too. Over the last few days I have had no electrical work save for Monday and Saturday mornings and have therefore spent my time working in the garden as my recent posts indicate. On Thursday though things were different as I spent most of the day sitting out on the patio reading a book about angels and people’s experiences of them. I was having a lazy day and was reminded of this old song………..


Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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