All in His love (and immersion heaters)

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Fuel gas driven furnace (top) with domestic warm water tank (below) Boiler and cylinder (Make: Vaillant) For a detail see Image:Boiler Vaillant.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a Christian, a person who believes in Jesus Christ and has accepted God‘s gift of eternal life through him. Here I could quote numerous verses regarding why I (anyone) needed salvation but I am not using today’s post as a witness to my readers, especially as that was the theme of my previous post. I promised my readers that I wouldn’t be filling this blog with the single theme of my faith. However, as a Christian I speak with my Heavenly Father and ask of Him all sorts of things. Occasionally I will ask that I get the opportunity to witness to someone on that particular day or the next day and as often as I ask I get my wish fulfilled. They are fulfilled because I am not asking for selfish reasons but to serve and besides I love to witness.
This past week has seen me with almost no electrical work at all, one job on Monday morning and one on Saturday morning so in between those days I have had to occupy myself with other things and for a few days I have worked out in the garden. It is the season of the year where many are not thinking about work they want doing at home, they are thinking about their vacations. Swings and roundabouts, some months of the year can be very hectic in my profession which is nice but it is also nice to be able to relax and do nothing at all some days. My job on Saturday morning was for a lady recently divorced from her husband because of his behaviour and she was trying her best to settle down to being single and living in a new apartment having given up her bungalow. She was trying to make ends meet basically. She wanted a timer unit checking out and a new power outlet installed near her front door which was downstairs. Her apartment was on the first floor. The apartment block is only two storeys high. The timer unit wasn’t faulty but one of the immersion heaters it was controlling was at fault. I ceased changing immersion heaters a few years ago though I still have the equipment. Sometimes they are difficult to remove from the copper storage tank and can damage it if care isn’t taken. I don’t take that chance anymore and leave it to a plumber. I will do such jobs at home of course and often do so. It will take some considerable time to drain her water tank and replace the heater so she didn’t like the idea of having it done just yet anyway because of the cost involved. The lower immersion heater was the faulty one and normally only switched on during the night when the cost of the electricity was far less. The upper heater was available during the day as a booster but at a higher running cost. She told me she hardly uses hot water except to was dishes as she has an electric shower and the washing machine will heat its own water. I suggested switching the supply from the bottom heater and connecting it to the upper one so that the upper third of the tank could be heated overnight at the cheaper rate. She was happy about the suggestion for it would keep the costs down until perhaps she was in a position to have the lower heater replaced. As for the power outlet, when I told her what would be involved she decided against the idea purely for financial reasons. She had thought it possible to wire the new outlet from another circuit not knowing that it couldn’t and shouldn’t be done that way. She was grateful that I had sorted out the water heating problem and at a much lower price than she had envisaged and I was paid my minimum charge. Afterward we drank coffee and chatted for a little while and it was then that I was given the opportunity to witness to her. Naturally I hope she will respond to the message. I will leave that in Gods hands. I was just grateful for answered prayer and the opportunity to do His will.

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