Another one going potty

A few weeks ago I noticed a plant growing in one of the front garden flower beds. I hadn’t really noticed it until then or if I had my thoughts were elsewhere and I more or less forgot about it. However, I have been busy purchasing plants and planting them either in the garden or in pots as in the case for two of them. The other day I thought again about this plant I had found and wondered if I should leave it where it was or attempt to dig it out and put it into a large plant pot and stand it on the patio in the rear garden. In the position it was the plant was struggling to grow for it was too close to a large bush that grows there and consequently it wasn’t growing upright. A few years ago we had a couple of Yucca plants in the front flower beds but they didn’t survive. They had rotted at their bases due to insufficient drainage and a lack of knowledge on our part on how to look after them. Eventually I had the task of removing the roots which were exceedingly difficult to dig out. One of those plants had been close to the position where I rediscovered this struggling plant and at first I thought it was an offshoot of the Yucca I had removed as it resembled it in appearance.132 Over the last few weeks though it appears now not to be of the same variety though I am not completely sure about that. The leaves grow from the centre as with the Yucca and the Phoenix Canariensis plants I have recently planted. I believe the trunk will be smooth as it grows and gains height and I believe the leaves eventually die but remain hanging beneath the new growth, as in the case of the Yucca. Time will tell and perhaps my readers will be able to tell me which plant it is. Don’t forget you can click twice on the picture to magnify the image. Anyway on Monday morning I decided to dig it out, which was surprisingly easy, taking care not to damage the root ball. I then planted it in one a few large but plastic plant pots we have. I would rather it be in an earthenware pot but the plastic one will suffice for now. I placed plenty of gravel inside and plenty of growing compost with some added fertilizer too. After soaking it all with water I left it to flourish, which I am sure it will.

Shirley Anne