An easier time

Shirley Anne 46I returned to the job on Wednesday morning that I had been called to on Tuesday. I had some difficulty in tracing the fault on the lighting circuit and hadn’t enough time to complete it as I had a previous appointment elsewhere during the afternoon. However, I had managed to isolate the location of the fault and had reinstated the rest of the lighting circuit. After arriving on Wednesday I soon had the fault traced to the bathroom wall extract fan and permanently isolated it from the circuit as a temporary measure after consulting with the householder. He decided not to have the fan replaced for the time being but might consider having it done later. That meant all I had to do was to replace a couple of switches and a light that I had taken down the day before in order to modify it. On my previous visits to the house, on Tuesday and at another time a few years ago I hadn’t met the lady of the house for she had been away from home but on Wednesday she was there. She was fascinated about my being an electrician and we chatted awhile over a coffee just before I left. After the previous day’s events at both addresses I was very glad to have a much easier time for a change. I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home but half expecting a request and offer of work. Wednesday is the day of distribution for the newspaper in which I have my advertisement and this Wednesday happened to be the day I would need to pay for the next thirteen weeks of it being published. I telephoned the office to arrange payment which amounted to £484.38. the amount I have to earn each three-month period at the moment before I can be in profit but even then there are other overheads to pay for! Fortunately I don’t have to work myself into the ground to achieve that and can take some well-earned breaks when necessary, as on Wednesday afternoon.

Shirley Anne


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