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I was again sitting at home on Thursday morning when I got a call asking for my services. The house was only three and a half miles distant and the job was simple enough to do. A couple had just moved into their house, they were about my age and asked if I could help. They had a courtesy light outside their front door which flashed on and off constantly, even during the daylight hours and they couldn’t get at the lamp inside to remove it. Another problem was their washing machine which seemingly had stuck on a particular setting and was therefore unusable. I drove there and reset the machine within seconds but the outside light would need a replacement. As neither of them had transport I offered to take one of them to the supplier a couple of miles away to buy a new fitting. The lady of the house opted to go with me. We were back at the house thirty minutes later and I got on with installing the new light. I had an extra job to do which was to install a control switch for the new light as the old light fitting didn’t have one! The job took me to lunchtime and I took the opportunity to dine at my local pub again. I returned home around two o’clock and spent the afternoon there. It is these little jobs that keep me going and I prefer doing them than having to spend hours on end doing larger ones. So what was I going to do during the afternoon? E had gone out shopping and I sat out on the patio for a short time before returning indoors to get a tape measure, pencil and paper. A few days ago I made inquiries about glass balustrades for I was thinking of fitting some on top of the patio walls. I sent off a picture of the patio (the only one I have at the moment which shows the whole patio in the same frame. It was taken during the patio’s construction) and some rough dimensions and I received an estimate to supply the equipment to install myself. 44 They would charge £400 to fit it for me but as the girl told me on the phone in reply to my request, it was very simple and easy to do and I could do it myself. Well I know I can. At that time I told her that I would take some time to consider the estimate. They needed a more accurate description of my requirements before they could manufacture and dispatch the goods. I took some measurements and drew a rough sketch before returning indoors to draw a more presentable diagram………Patio SketchWell it is good enough for their requirements. You wouldn’t perhaps think I have good qualifications as a drafts person would you? I have though. Anyway I had previously sent them a picture of the patio so they can match the drawing to it. I am thinking it would have been easier to send someone to measure the site but then of course the price would be higher. For a half-metre high glass balustrade they originally gave me a price of £2400. I am wondering what the revised estimate will be. It is a lot of money to spend on such a thing I know I think it will be worth it, that’s if I decide to go ahead with the plan.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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