Rain, what rain?

We have ‘enjoyed’ wonderful wet weather over the last few days and when it wasn’t raining it was windy. That meant that although the sun might have been shining it was uncomfortable to sit outside unless sheltered from the wind. That is a problem we sometimes face at home when out on the patio when it is windy. There are large gaps between our house and the houses of our neighbours but the larger of the two is the one facing our patio. The gap is only a few degrees south of being due west and the prevailing winds are from that direction. The gap is filled at low-level by a garage, this garage.55We are working to solve the problem so that the effect of the wind is lessened. I hasten to say that it isn’t windy every day and neither does the wind always blow through the gap. Often the high wall shown on the right of the picture shields the patio from the wind. I planted some Laurel on the outside of the patio which faces the garage and once it has grown sufficiently high enough it should cut down the effect of the wind dramatically whilst at the same time make the view more pleasing to the eye. Already that Laurel is approaching a half-metre in height above the little wall, though in this picture taken earlier in the season it is slightly shorter in height. 122It all takes time of course. In the meantime I am considering installing a half-metre high glass balustrade on top of the patio walls which will also help in reducing the effect of the wind. We have a window in the wet room which overlooks the vegetable plot, the area between the patio and the garage, part of which is shown in the picture above. To the left of the gooseberry bushes (on the left-hand-side of the picture) there is no cultivation going on except there are persistent weeds which I keep in check and the area has become more of a dumping ground for gardening odds-and-ends, bags of rubble, roots dug out from the mound project (see last year-June/July posts) some of the rocks we dug out too, though most of those which we haven’t used elsewhere are stored behind the other garage as you can see in the next two pictures.

The Mound 001The Mound 002

Anyway I was looking out of the window early on Sunday afternoon at the vegetable plot and patio and I could also see part of my next-door neighbour’s garden over the wall. She has a couple of very large Leylandii trees which are thankfully remote from the boundary wall. She had many large similar trees cut down last year and this year and her gardens look all the better for it but these two trees remain in her rear garden and the ground beneath them is always dry even when it rains heavily. I was watching some blue-tits darting in and around those trees and occasionally perching on a more open-leafed tree nearby taking not the slightest notice of the heavy rainfall. ‘Rain, what rain’? Is what I imagined they would be saying if they could speak. Rain might be a miserable thing for us to bear (though I am not too bothered by it) but for the birds, some birds, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Shirley Anne


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