Just when I was tired

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It was Monday morning and although I didn’t have to rise early nevertheless I did. I woke up not long after five o’clock but didn’t get out of bed until closer to six. I was washed, dressed and fully made-up before six-thirty and had eaten my breakfast by seven. I very seldom just lie in bed once I am awake. I had a job to do but that was scheduled for ten-thirty so I had to think of things to do before then. One thing I needed to do was to replace the television aerial socket which had become faulty and to re-arrange spaghetti junction behind the television, you know, all the tangled cables supplying the gadgetry. I had also to take down the washing I had hung in the cellar the day before. It was thoroughly dry, one of the advantages of having warm cellar rooms, especially one with the boiler in it where we hang the washing when it is too wet outdoors. It has certainly been wet these last few days. A little pottering about on the computer then it was time to drive to the job, not far away, about three miles. I had to fit a ceiling-mounted fan unit and it took me about two hours. Most of that time was spent just constructing the unit! I was paid and then drove homeward but made a detour to the electrical supplier as I wanted to purchase some materials. I decided to eat at home and had just finished eating my lunch when another call came in. I’d had lunch rather late and it was about three o’clock when the call came in. A woman living not far from where I had been working during the morning asked if I could solve a problem she had with her new shower unit which repeatedly tripped the supply when it was switched on. I was feeling a little tired but decided to go to the job anyway after the woman had told me about the problems she’d had with people trying to help but making matters worse. I examined the shower, a new one that had been fitted by a plumber who also fitted a replacement isolating switch as the old one had been faulty. The circuit breaker at the supply was a little small in capacity to carry the current drawn by the new shower so it needed upgrading. Unfortunately I didn’t have one of the correct size in my van stock so had to drive to the supplier to buy one. When I returned about twenty minutes later I replaced the old breaker with the new one. I also removed the isolating switch outside the bathroom that the plumber had fitted and discovered that one of the wires behind it had been connected to the wrong terminal. That was the source of the fault. However, I had to remove the switch entirely in order to fit an extension ring behind it. This increased the space behind the switch making it a little easier to refit. After testing the circuit I was paid and I drove back home a little more tired than before. So once again, someone had called me to do a job after I had returned home from another job in the same area! Why this woman hadn’t called me earlier or better still the night before so that I could arrange my day better defies logic, especially as she’d had the problem with the shower for days!

In my previous post I talked about having a balustrade installed on the patio walls. No, the above picture is not of my home though I would like the idea, it is just to demonstrate what the balustrade would look like. I want my balustrade to be a half-metre in height, not more than a metre as in the picture above. I received a quotation from the first company via an email but the quote seemed too high for me to consider at around £2850 (supply only). I am in the process of obtaining a quote from another company which hopefully will be a tad lower.

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