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Come Rain, Come Shine
Come Rain, Come Shine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my work I am often met with people who for reasons unknown to me ‘take a shine to me’. I don’t know the origin of that saying, though I have searched on The Internet. ‘Taking a shine’ is another way of saying we like somebody and enjoy their company. It is a little like friendship and in fact is friendship in the basic meaning of the word. There are many reasons why such people would befriend me I suppose but I don’t question their motives, I simply accept it in a complimentary way. Many times in this blog I have mentioned that I enjoy working and meeting people so when I find I have no work I pray that I might get some. I am never let down. On Tuesday morning I was without work and although I had prayed that I might get some it was far from my mind as I sat there reading on my computer. It was nine o’clock and I had been up and about for three hours. The mobile phone rang and the call was from an elderly gentleman who explained that some of the power outlets in his house were not working. He had checked the fuses but could find nothing wrong. His house was less than two miles away and I was there within fifteen minutes. The house was a rented property owned by the local authority and they hold the responsibility for major repairs but minor things are the responsibility of the tenant. In fact the house really needed a complete re-wire as the existing installation dated back some sixty years, was wired in perishable rubber cables and was well out-of-date. I opened the large cast-iron fuse box to find rewireable  porcelain fuse carriers. One of them had blown and that was the reason for the power loss. I rewired the fuse and all power was restored. The old guy, who I learned was 90 years of age but didn’t look it, lived there with his sixty-four year-old son. I didn’t ask about their apparently deceased wives if indeed both had been married. The son had health problems and whilst I was there he spent his time out in the garage which had been turned into a gymnasium of sorts and where he exercised regularly. After the few minutes it took me to restore the supply I was invited to sit down and have a drink of coffee and a chat with the old man. He treated me with great respect in the same way as I suppose he treated every woman in his life. He was naturally intrigued with the fact that I had entered into the electrical business but didn’t question the fact. He had in fact been an engineer in the communications field and was also a veteran Royal Navy ex-serviceman. He told me that he had a limited knowledge of electrical power systems so preferred leaving it to the specialists, naming myself. I felt as if I had known the man for donkey’s years as he made me feel wanted there, even if it was only to work! Perhaps it was my magnetic personality and good looks (ahem!) that he found attractive. Maybe he was simply looking for some female company for there are plenty of male electricians he could have called. Anyway he had taken a shine to me for reasons best known to himself.

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