Much done

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Three jobs to do in two houses miles apart was my lot on Thursday. The first task was to install a cooker hood in a house eight miles away and then a floodlight at the rear of the same house later. The guy in the house had a five-year-old daughter at home whilst his girlfriend was away at work. There was a small dog and a rabbit roaming about inside the house too. The little girl was delightful, the rabbit was quiet and kept out-of-the-way but the dog was somewhat of a pest like dogs usually are with strangers. The guy spent his time watching me doing the work and offered his assistance now and then as I struggled with the awkward bits. Having decided he wanted the hood to sit at a particular height I fixed it to the wall but when I came to fit the upper section that is used to hide the extract air duct (if fitted) I found it was too long and had to be trimmed down with a hacksaw. Had I the metal shears I have at home with me trimming it would be easy but alas I don’t usually have them with me at work. It meant I had to saw the excess off. It was the most awkward thing to do without a workbench or anything with which to hold the sheet metal whilst cutting it. The guy tried to assist me but in fact he hadn’t a clue about how he could do that. I had to instruct him on how best to hold the metal whilst I cut it for it needed two pairs of hands. It took some time but eventually we got there and I was able to complete the fitting of the hood. Fitting the floodlight took me very little time to do and soon I was driving off to my next job but before I could do that the little girl wanted to see my van so I let her stand in front of the passenger seat and showed her the camera screen with daddy in front of the van waving to her. The guy had to take her out of the van so I could drive off for she was reluctant to do so. I love little children but as I said to the guy, I wouldn’t like another at home on a permanent basis. By now it was almost noon. At the next house I was again met by a guy who was alone with a small dog whilst his wife was out at work. Is it only women who work these days? His problem was two-fold, first of all there were several recessed lights in the kitchen ceiling which had ceased to work for one reason or another but I had them all working within a half hour. The second problem was the fact that he couldn’t stop talking! I was sure glad to get the work done and drive off to lunch. I dined out at my local pub as you might have guessed but by the time the food was on the table it was after two o’clock. I most often have fish and this day I decided to try swordfish for the first time in my life. It was delicious, a little like tuna but slightly more firm in texture. When it was served, by the manager no less, I joked with him that I had expected the plate to be a couple of metres in length to accommodate the fish! I didn’t stay for a dessert but went home instead. Now you might think that I would sit and rest for the remainder of the afternoon but not me, I had to do some pottering about in the garden. I am now wondering what I will be doing tomorrow.

Shirley Anne