The whole morning!

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Fun, games and frustrations but eventual success, only because of the person who was of real assistance to me. I am of course, in case you didn’t know, referring to my experiences with the new version of Windows, Windows 10. If my readers have read yesterday’s post and especially one or two of the related articles at the bottom of the post, you will understand what I am about to write. I knew it would happen, it always does, that whenever a new program is installed on my computer (or anyone else’s computer for that matter) there are always issues of one sort or another. The authors of Windows 10 down at Microsoft are ultimately responsible or should I say irresponsible for the disruption of the status quo. For some time now I have been enjoying using Windows 7 with Firefox and my security program Norton 360 but only after resolving compatibility issues with each. That was simple to do and all it took was to update the programs so they would all work in harmony. Then along came the promised, substantially improved version of Windows, Windows 10. Although it is a great version with some extra programs not previously available and innovations which, according to Microsoft, will improve and enhance our experiences both on and off-line, it did come with compatibility issues. Perhaps I should have upgraded Firefox and Norton before I upgraded Windows. Well in fact I did upgrade Firefox but in doing so I lost Norton’s compatibility with it. I also found that Norton 360 wasn’t updating as normal and in fact wasn’t working at all. Fortunately Windows 10’s firewall was in use to stave off unwanted viruses and such like. Now the real problems started for I had to uninstall Norton 360 and then reinstall it, or rather the updated version of it which would be compatible with Firefox and Windows 10. This is where the fun started and the frustrations too. Following the instructions as best I could I was not able to locate the page for reinstalling the program. Uninstalling it was not problem but first I had to download the special tool for doing it. I am thinking at this stage why wasn’t the tool already installed as part of the package? No matter. I uninstalled the program and for the love of me couldn’t find how to reinstall it no matter how I tried. I was returned to the same pages time after time going around in circles. Even using the help desk I couldn’t find how to do it. I was directed to pages wanting me to pay for the program and none asked if I was an existing customer that could be directed to the right pages. For more than an hour I tried to help myself but to no avail so I eventually connected to a Norton representative in a chat room. I asked if they could install the new version of Norton 360 for me and they were only too pleased to do so. After passing me a code number which I pasted into the relevant page they were able to take control of my computer. I simply sat back and watched them and followed any requests they asked of me. In about twenty minutes or so everything was done and more, as they even made sure that Norton was properly added to the Firefox extension list and that it worked. I can say that Norton’s on-line personal support through their chat facility is first-class and it is such a shame that their help pages are so difficult to use. I remember using their chat room aid once before and wasn’t disappointed then. Last year when I wrote about problems using Firefox, which were resolved by Firefox, I mentioned that everything was going smoothly but that no doubt something down line would upset the apple cart. It invariably does. At this point in time I am continuing to use Firefox’s browser because Windows Edge won’t allow extensions such as Norton, Rapport and Last Pass, all of which I use and all of which run on Chrome and Firefox. Come on Microsoft, get your finger out!

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  1. While Edge is a huge leap in the right direction from IE, I would not trust it too much. I prefer to use Firefox or Chrome instead because I know their reputation. I will be keeping an eye on Edge tho.

  2. I can’t see how it differs from other browsers in my everyday use of them. I am not fond of gimmickry that is supposed to ‘enhance’ my experience. My needs are very basic.

    Shirley Anne

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