Not again!

Shirley Anne 46Well I must say that I have been finding a few problems with my computer ever since I downloaded Windows 10. In recent posts I talked about Windows 10 and to be honest I am far from impressed by it. I have the opportunity to revert to Windows 7 during this month only and I am tempted but probably won’t. Windows 10 isn’t the problem per se it is more the problems it has created concerning compatibility with other programs. Having said that I am not entirely sure whether in this case, my recent problems with Norton 360, has anything to do with Windows 10. Norton has an automatic updating facility as all security programs must have. When I switched on my computer and loaded the Firefox browser on Wednesday morning I noticed yet again that the Norton toolbar was missing even though it was enabled. According to the blurb both programs are compatible. However, I couldn’t get the toolbar to appear so I decided to run a manual update on Norton but it failed to implement the changes once updated. Now here we go again. Having made several attempts to resolve the problem I eventually reverted to online help through Norton’s chat connection and ultimately allow one of their agents to take remote control of my computer once again. I was connected to an agent who ran some checks and the restarted my computer but having done so was disconnected. Once the computer was again ready for use I discovered the problem hadn’t been resolved so I went through the whole process again but found this time I couldn’t get connected and it was only after several attempts did I finally succeed. The second agent almost did the same thing until I responded by asking if she had rechecked the Norton Live Update. She tried it and the problem was still there but then she checked my Internet connection and ID and made some alterations. The computer was then switched to restart again but this time when it rebooted all was in order, everything worked as it should and I could stop pulling out my hair! Now I hope this will be the end of the story but who knows? Is it any wonder I get so frustrated with computers. One day they will control everything we do, if we let them of course but God help us if they do! This is only the beginning, if you can’t see what is coming you need to open your eyes. For the time being, and I hope it will remain this way, I limit my involvement as much as I can though it is getting that way that some things cannot be done without an on-line connection.

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  1. Have you tried Avast Antivirus? I am using it on Windows 10 just fine, I even have the Firefox extension running just fine. I refuse to pay for AntiVirus when Avast does just as good a job and better that most paid services. Just a thought.

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