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I had but the one job to do on Thursday morning, replacing two ceiling light fittings in an apartment close to home. I have known the guy for whom I was working for a few years as he often visited my local pub. He is retired now and he and his wife have sold their five bedroom home to move into the apartment. As he put it, the house was too large for just he and his wife, it even had five bathrooms! The apartment is up-market as most in the immediate vicinity are. He worked as a deep-sea diver but retired from that occupation some years ago. They had bought two new light fittings, one of them was extremely difficult to fix to the ceiling  because of the way it was constructed and designed and the other, though a much simpler fitting was difficult to fix to the ceiling because the fabric of the ceiling was so damaged. I had to place timber behind the ceiling in order to fit the light. Normally jobs like this would take me less than an hour at worst but this time I was there for almost three. I had no further work for the day but expecting some work on Friday I was disappointed. It didn’t matter as I had plenty of work earlier in the week and a day off was welcome. My readers will know by now that I am the type of person who doesn’t like sitting at home idly passing the time away so when I get a free day I usually make the most of it and get something done. Friday was warm and sunny all day long so I decided the first thing I would do would be to mow the lawn again. It pays to keep the lawn in trim during the growing season for in the blink of an eye it can grow to quite some length. I checked the grass to see if it was wet. It had rained a little overnight but by dawn there was little evidence of that but still the grass was wet with dew. I prepared the mower but left-off using it for an hour and had a drink of coffee whilst sitting on the patio. Finally the sun had dried up the dew and I set about cutting the lawn but that only takes me twenty minutes now that I am using the petrol mower. I have been keeping an eye on the ants which have a few nests around the garden but I am more concerned with those who have nested beneath the paving. Last year at this time I was engaged in finishing off laying the natural stone slabs around the redesigned mound that had taken us months to complete. Some of the cement mortar had been too soft and the ants had decided to dig their way out from beneath. I mixed some new mortar and re-pointed the slabs where necessary. Next year I have decided I will make sure I feed the ants with plenty of ant poison so that their nesting colonies will not survive. There must be literally millions of them in the various colonies around the house. They are simply a pest. After lunch and again sitting out on the patio I was thinking about what I might do next. I went into the front garden and did some tidying and then I took some cuttings from one of the large bushes we have there. I returned to the rear garden and found some plant pots and planted them in suitable compost. I placed the three pots in the large greenhouse in trays and thoroughly watered them so that they now stand in water, hoping that if the plants root I can take them out of the trays and treat them as any other potted plant until the time comes to plant them out. There are places in the gardens which need filling with a shrub of some sort and it will save me buying them. This particular shrub is usually very easy to propagate from a cutting and I have done it two or three times before with success. I have chosen large cuttings this time for the first time so I am wondering if I will have the same good fortune. I will know in a few days if I have been successful once more. So Friday was a day at home pottering about in the garden. I might be doing the same thing on Saturday too as that day is promised to be warm and sunny as well.


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