Out of use

I think it was back in March or April of 2010 E and I went looking for a small greenhouse or it may be that at that time we saw one and bought it. I remember trying to tie the pack on top of my van for it wouldn’t go inside as it was too long. The place we bought it from is only a mile or so away from our house so transporting it on the roof wasn’t a problem. It was a cheap affair, only costing £200 but the frame was galvanised mild steel and the panels were plastic. At that time we only had space in the garden for a small greenhouse if we were to erect it in the borders and here it is pictured later in the year I think..Exsiting greenhouse from behind old garage

E took control and started to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and some peppers of the spicy variety. I wasn’t that interested in cultivating plants so I just helped E when asked. A year to so later we cleared away the area behind the little greenhouse, extended the concrete footings and laid a path using the natural stone capping that was removed from the walls at the front of the house when we had those walls rebuilt in 2010. It was April of 2012 that we bought the larger greenhouse which was constructed of aluminium and glass and was erected by the company’s contractor. That greenhouse cost me £1600, much more than the smaller one had cost but far superior in quality and size. Here is a picture showing them both.DSCF0009 E couldn’t wait to start cultivating vegetables in the new greenhouse though she still used the smaller one too. For a time we enjoyed the fruits of her labour. This year she hasn’t bothered growing plants in either of the greenhouses and quite frankly has abandoned them. I simply have not had the time as I have been too busy with work either at home, in the garden itself or out doing electrical work. On Sunday I was checking the cuttings I had planted and had put in the large greenhouse and took stock of the abandoned state of the place. There were large growing containers filled with dry compost and the remains of the plants, mostly tomato plants, that had died back once the fruit had grown. There were tie wires and bamboo canes tied up and a table full of small pots and plenty of rubbish was strewn about the floor. A grapevine still grows in one corner but it needs pruning right back to start over. That can only be done out of the growing season of course so I have left it for now but I set about tidying up the mess and soon I had everything stacked and stored or disposed of. The floor got swept and all rubbish gotten rid of. I even cleaned up the mass of leaves that always accumulate on the path in front of the greenhouse doors (on the far left-hand end of the picture above). Perhaps E will resume growing things next year but if she doesn’t I might start doing that myself. This past year has seen me taking more and more interest in the garden and I have done much work there, in both gardens. Now I am taking an interest in the empty greenhouses because what is the point in having them if they don’t get used?

Shirley Anne