’twas on a Wednesday morning

How do you like Wednesday?
How do you like Wednesday? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

..That I beheld my darling…

Yeah I wish! Actually I don’t wish but to continue….The title just popped into my head and you might say well dear, there’s plenty of room for it! I jest of course, honestly. As is my usual want whenever I have no work scheduled I tend to look for things to do at home and if it is dry outdoors then I look for thing to do outside. The weather has been favourably dry and warm for a change though by the time you are reading this it may be pouring down with rain as promised. Anyway for some years now we have had a copper-coloured (leaves) tree in a small plant pot on one side of the patio which has been in the shade during the afternoon, only getting sunshine during the mornings. The tree is supposed to grow to a height of around 10 feet (3 metres) but is only about 18 inches (half a metre) in height. There was a suitable spot in the border on the right of the patio against the wall but it was taken up by a small plant and there was a suitable spot to move that small plant just a half-metre away. I decided therefore to move the small plant and put the tree in the space left. Hopefully now it will have the freedom to grow to a normal height. Naturally I have placed fertilizer beneath it to aid with its establishment. I had also been pondering what to do in the new mound in which I had planted some shrubs beneath the existing tall trees there. There was too much exposed soil between the plants. A month or two ago I had placed some natural stone slabs in the mound, and we have plenty of those from digging out the old mound last summer. I placed another five slabs in there on Wednesday morning too so the mound looks more natural than it did before. I think natural stone slabs and rocks strategically placed make all the difference, especially once the plants are established. After all that work I watered the garden and returned indoors for a coffee but not for long, I was out again this time only to get a few screwdrivers from the toolbox in my van which needed grinding and set about grinding their tips. We have had a grinding machine in the cellar for years along with a metal heavy-duty vice. They have become so valuable over the years for doing things at home. They both sit on the large work bench we constructed not long after we had moved into the house in 1988. By the time I had everything done that I wished to get done it was still only 9 o’clock! Then I got a call to an electrical job just a few hundred metres from home and all on a Wednesday morning.

Shirley Anne