A quick meal

English: This is a roll of Gaffer tape. It was...
This is a roll of Gaffer tape.

I had a little electrical job to do on Thursday morning and I arose early so that I could be there early too. I knew the weather was going to change by evening time and we were to expect heavy rain throughout the night and on into the middle of Friday. I have to say the weather over the last couple of days has been tiring for me. I don’t like it when it is too warm for it drains the energy from me. The rain would be bringing a fresher climate, one that I much prefer. Nevertheless I watered the rear garden plants, those which would otherwise suffer without a watering, those newly planted. Their roots have not yet spread deep enough to where water should be present so I have been keeping the ground moist while there has been no rain. Similarly I watered a few plants in the front garden too for the same reason. Established plants are more resilient to dry spells but even they get a soaking if it hasn’t rained for a time. After breakfast I had enough time to read my emails and write to a friend before driving off to work. It was a simple job but then I only do small electrical jobs these days. I had to fit a few new light switches and power outlets as the old ones had been removed by the decorator working at the house. He had also used gaffer tape to wrap the bare conductors but I couldn’t see the reason for that. He should have used proper insulating tape of course but most folk don’t understand and think any tape will give adequate protection.  Not that it mattered in this instance for

Electrical tape
Electrical tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the conductors were not separated so in the event that someone should reinstate the supply there would be a short-circuit. Secondly gaffer tape is not insulation tape and finally it was most difficult to remove. Maybe I should have got the decorator to remove it himself. I had been at the house back in March carrying out similar work. It appears the owner is having the house redecorated room by room as slowly as possible it seems! One of the power outlets was in a very awkward place beneath a new piece of fitted furniture without regard to accessibility. It was the very devil of a job trying to fit the new outlet I can tell you. Why oh why don’t people think things out before proceeding with a project? I had one ceiling light to fit but the bracket that attaches it to the ceiling had not been removed prior to the ceiling being skimmed with new plaster. Yes, it was now beneath the surface and had to be removed causing some damage in the process. It drives me mad that I have to correct other people’s mistakes before I can do the work I was asked to do. Soon I had it all done however and drove homeward, stopping along the way to carry out a little job for an old lady who had earlier phoned asking if I could disconnect her meter! She really meant that I should disconnect an off-peak fuseboard from the meter which was going to be replaced with a ‘smart’ meter. The off-peak circuits were no longer wanted. Why the engineer doing that couldn’t disconnect the fuseboard is beyond logic but I hear this attitude often, nobody wants to do anything beyond their strict obligations. I had it done in a couple of minutes then drove home. It was eleven-thirty so I parked my van and walked to the pub for a quick meal and it was quick, as soon as I had eaten it I left and walked back home. There was no point in staying at the pub once I had finished for there was no-one there to speak with, a now regular thing in my life unfortunately. I spent the afternoon alone at home once again. I needed the rest, I needed to relax for I wasn’t feeling at my best. I should by now be taking things more slowly but I am always on edge, always ready for something to do.

Shirley Anne