She liked to chat

It isn’t very often that I meet a woman who can turn her hand to most things or will have a go. I went to a job on Monday morning to a house eight miles away in the little township of Formby down the coast from Southport. Formby is well-known for its red squirrel reserve which actually is in Freshfield.

Red SquirrelThis northern part of the town called ‘Freshfield‘ is where I once lived before leaving twenty-seven years ago to where I live now but I often return there to do electrical work. As I pulled up outside the house I had to park partly off the narrow road as it was a local bus route. I was greeted by the man of the house who asked me to move the van to a place in front of his neighbour’s driveway which I thought strange but evidently the people living there had gone out for the day. He explained that he wanted to mow the grass verge. The verge is actually the responsibility of the local council (authority) and it is they who cut it. I found out from his wife that the request hid the real reason for her husband asking me to move the van, he didn’t like people parking over the grass. I didn’t have a choice but to park there so I left it where I had parked it. His wife told me to take no notice of her husband as he was being awkward. I might say here that he did have, shall I say, a mild medical problem. After a minute he had forgotten everything. The lady, called Sue, took control and showed me exactly what it was that she wanted doing. Well she talked and talked and after a while I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to start the work. I was offered a drink but I declined at that point as it would probably prevent me from starting the job. At the rear of their garage they had constructed a shed and had it done professionally but it lacked lighting and a power point for using electrical gardening equipment. There was a single power outlet inside the house which they wanted replacing with a twin unit also. Working in garages is often an awkward thing because of the things people store in them. This garage was no exception. So it took me a couple of hours to do the work in the garage and about a half-hour or so to do the work inside the house but I was interrupted a few times by Sue who kept asking questions and generally just chatting about casual things. I had been given a drink of coffee about thirty minutes into the work and once I had finished the work in the garage I was invited to sit out in the garden before doing the work in the house and have another drink of coffee in the process. Naturally Sue sat with me and we chatted about all sorts of things. During the conversation she told me she once worked in the same place I once worked but I didn’t disclose that fact as it was in my pre-transition days. She also told me about the numerous jobs she has tackled around the house, a woman after my own heart but my oh my, could she chat!

Shirley Anne