How stupid and annoying

Burglar alarm area indicator
Burglar alarm area indicator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to another town late on Thursday morning to replace a light fitting for an elderly lady in a modern house just off a main road in that town. As it was a fairly new estate I used my satnav to get me there but on arrival I discovered that I couldn’t drive directly into the road from the main street as it only allowed pedestrian access. It meant I had to drive around the block to get there. I went indoors to do the work but found that I couldn’t isolate the lighting circuit without setting off the house security alarm and I couldn’t isolate the alarm power within the alarm bell which sounds even when the alarm panel is isolated. I needed to disconnect and remove the old light fitting of course but part of the wiring remained ‘live’ even when the local switch was off. I had to switch off the main isolator to do the work. I had no choice but to leave the alarm sounding whilst I had the supply switched off. I quickly made safe those wires which remained permanently live even when the light wasn’t switched on. That meant I could switch on the power and thus silence the alarm whilst I continued with the work of fitting the light itself. The alarm circuit should have been connected to a dedicated circuit breaker thus avoiding problems like this. Anyway the old lady invited me to have a drink after I had completed the work and had received payment. Soon I was driving homeward and by now it was approaching one o’clock. I cooked my lunch and had just finished eating it when I received a call from a guy who told me he had just moved into his house, meaning within the last few days, and he wanted some lights replacing with the ones he had purchased. It was approaching two o’clock and I didn’t want to start another job that day. I offered to do the work on Friday morning and he accepted. Where was his house? You guessed it. On the opposite side of the main road across from the house I had left earlier! Had he phoned earlier I could have done both jobs in succession and have saved myself the extra journey. Later I received yet another call from someone living just a litter further away but in the same direction! Why in heaven’s name don’t people phone me in the evenings so that I can schedule their work? It is so annoying but thankfully it doesn’t happen frequently.

Shirley Anne