It nearly didn’t happen

Over the last week or so I have been making plans to construct a flowerbed on the patio together with two smaller beds to spruce it up. There is plenty of space to do that for we had the foresight to build the patio as large as it is. As we have a couple of large plants and two smaller ones occupying basically the four corners of the space we would only be losing an extra space that would have accommodated a chair. Space isn’t a problem but before I could do any building work I first had to move the power outlet box that would have ended up partly under the soil level of the new flowerbed. I planned to do that on Monday morning. Monday was a UK Bank Holiday therefore I would be at home and be available should I want to do the work. I could have done it on Saturday but chose to make Saturday and Sunday rest days instead. However, I got called to a job on Saturday afternoon anyway. It had rained overnight and in fact was still raining slightly when I arose. The day needed to be dry for me to do the work. I concentrated on breakfast after which I spent some time reading emails and writing one to a friend in reply to the one she had sent me late the previous evening. By now it was approaching ten o’clock and I was keen to get on with the work. It had stopped raining and  everywhere was almost dry.6972 I wasted no time and collected the tools I would need and set about removing the power box after switching off the supply of course and finally I had the cable together with the fitted gland separated from the box. I then removed the light which was on the other side of the wall and which had been supplied from the same box on a different circuit. The cables I installed when the patio was under construction have enough cores within them to accommodate two separate circuits as power and lighting require different levels of protection for those who may be wondering. I wasn’t going to refit the light after the power box had been refitted. I may be exchanging the other two lights for ones of a different style sometime later and I can fit a replacement unit of the same type then if I decide I want one. The supply for it is inside the re-positioned power box ready for use. One of the other two lights can be seen on the high wall in the background in the lower picture. The light I removed was positioned just to the right and above where I have re-positioned the power outlet box next to the garden bench.71 Before I could fit that box on the opposite side of the wall I had to drill a hole large enough to be able to pass the steel wire armoured cable together with its fitted gland through it. Finally it was done and the power outlet box was ready for use. All I had left to do was to cement the holes and tidy up. By now it was twelve-thirty and lunch time. I was going to drill the holes that the drainage pipes will pass through but I decided to do them another day.

Shirley Anne