Only the weather?

English: Pile of bricks
Pile of bricks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, the first working day of the week as Monday had been a national holiday, I was expecting the delivery of the bricks I had ordered but none arrived during the morning while I was at home. After lunch I received a call to do some electrical work and wouldn’t you know it the bricks were delivered not long after I had left the house! Just as well that E was at home though I had informed my neighbour who would have informed the driver where to drop them for me. I wasn’t away from home very long and on my return there was the pallet stacked high with the bricks all tightly wrapped in polythene and cling-film wrap. They had been dropped close to one of the front gates as I expected but they had to be transported through the garage into the rear garden and up a couple of steps onto the patio some 24 metres away, twenty at a time on a wheelbarrow. It took me about an hour. Fortunately it had stopped raining some time before. I discovered that they had supplied 280 bricks. I had ordered 250 but I guess they did that purposely for the bricks are what you might call second hand or reclaimed common bricks of the same type we used for building the patio which again was built in sympathy with the garden walls. However because some of these bricks were of doubtful quality and some misshapen it was reasonable to expect some extras. As it happens not all of the bricks need to look good as the ones on the inside of the flowerbed will not bee seen as they will be hidden by the soil/growing medium. It was tiring work loading then unloading the bricks two at a time nevertheless. So now I have all the materials to do the work and now the only things standing in the way are my electrical work and the weather. I can control the one but the other is out of my hands.

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