By Wednesday evening

I have almost completed the patio flowerbed project, that is the large flowerbed for there are two much smaller ones to do in the near future providing the weather holds. We are promised rain at the weekend. Patio Flowerbed 8The pictures show the flowerbed as of Wednesday eveningPatio Flowerbed 9 and on Thursday morning I hope to be able to fit the stone capping to the new wall. I went out on Wednesday morning to purchase topsoil, some bark chippings and the stone. I had to visit two local traders if I wanted them the same day, which I did. I was able to transport the stone and the chippings back home in my van but the soil had to be delivered in a huge bag, actually two bags one inside the other and it weighed a tonne. It was dropped on my driveway at 2.45 and by 4.15 I had transported the soil to the patio using many wheelbarrow trips and had the flowerbed filled. I had to construct a temporary ramp to get the wheelbarrow high enough to be able to tip the contents into the bed. Fortunately I have sturdy pieces of timber and plywood stored in the garage so it was no problem. It made filling the bed far easier than having to shovel it in by hand. It was bad enough having to shovel it into the wheelbarrow without having to take it out the same way! E came out later to lend a hand. She had to remain in the house for a couple of deliveries but then she helped by distributing the soil from where I was dumping it. After a little time we were able to dig the holes and bed the two palms. One came out of it’s container very easily, in fact it had been pushing its way out over the last week or so. The other had to be persuaded but it came out with a little effort. The soil had been delivered warm and damp, ideal for planting and less of a shock for the plants.

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