Well I got there!

I can only claim success in reaching the end of stage one of my latest project though the next stage will be far easier to do. I am of course referring to the subject of many posts lately, the patio flowerbeds. I actually finished the work on Wednesday as yesterday’s post shows but I still had to lay the capstone. Again it was a bright and sunny day on Thursday so I got on with laying the capstone early in the morning but just as I was about to lay the first stone slab I received a call asking if I could do a small electrical job. The strange thing is that up until then I had not done any electrical work in the week though I had one scheduled for Friday. It was a simple job and I went to the house immediately I had finished laying all of the capstone, less than an hour later. The two pictures show the finished flowerbed.Patio Flowerbed 10Patio Flowerbed 11







Interestingly the first picture also shows the main project we had last summer, the one that took several weeks to complete, ‘The Mound‘. Perhaps my readers will remember the project and the amount of work we had to do to get it in order, (see June and July entries 2014). Thankfully this latest project will have taken far less time to do, not that I mind the work but when it drags on for a long time before completion I wonder if we will ever get there. On my return home from the job I did a little tidying up and then it was noon so I asked E if she would like to go for a meal. She does the shopping on Thursday but  doesn’t go out until after two o’clock, plenty of time to go for a meal so that’s what we did. E even had some time after returning home to sit out on the patio with me for a half hour before collecting her mom to go shopping. Whilst she was out I mowed the lawn and watered the garden. Rain was expected by late Friday evening but the plants needed water. Part two of my project will have to wait until there is another dry spell for a day or so. That might be sooner than I think.

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  1. Hi Tina. It’s been a long time since your last comment but they are always welcome. Hope you are keeping well and things are okay with you. Thank you for the compliment. I have since planted some flowers around the two trees and you will be able to see the pictures in a forthcoming post.

    Shirley Anne x

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