A nice change

With the main part of my patio project completed I made up my mind to finish the rest of the work at some other time in the very near future and so I had Friday free to myself. Well actually I had two small electrical jobs to do between nine and eleven o’clock then the rest of the day was free. With the other small job I did on Thursday I had earned enough to cover the time spent on the project so I didn’t lose out by working at home. I was determined however to take what was left of the day at rest which is almost exactly what I did. Fortunately the weather was fine and sunny yet again so I spent a lot of time in the garden. Friday is the day our non-recyclable waste bin is emptied every two weeks. it usually gets emptied together with the paper and metal sometime in the afternoon so when I heard the noise of the waste vehicle I went to the front of the house to bring both bins in. The non-recyclable waste bin was not put out two weeks ago as there wasn’t much in it and even this time around the bin was less than half full. I have found that the recyclable waste such as plastics and cardboard builds up very quickly so that bin has to be emptied each time. Now the non-recyclable waste bin has not been cleaned out for months and the inside was in an awful state and smelled really bad. Each time the lid was lifted there were numerous flies hovering about. It need a thorough clean. We have a cold water tap (faucet) in the front garden as well as the back garden and I part filled the bin with water and added a copious amount of bleach. I used an old yard brush to clean away the accumulated muck and emptied the bin before giving it another wash in the same way. I left it open for a time to dry in the sunshine. Household chores like these are often done when I am at home with nothing specific to do.Dangerous lead The two electrical jobs were a nice change from mixing cement, mortar and laying bricks but they took very little time to do. At the first location one of my tasks, if you could even say it was a task, was to replace a four-way extension lead that had been trailed behind a fitted bureau. The faulty lead had been left in situ but the customer informed me that the plastic body housing the power outlets had in his words, crumbled. Now you might think that the whole lead would have been pulled out knowing this but no, it wasn’t. In fact they had left it plugged into the power outlet below the bureau. I took a photograph (shown above) of what was left of the outlet end of the extension lead that could have been switched on by mistake. Click twice on image to magnify. I think you will agree that to leave something like this plugged into a power outlet is very dangerous indeed. I have been in the electrical business for 53 years and still come across things similar to this. If it wasn’t for the fact that many households are now protected with RCDs there would be more fires and deaths.

Shirley Anne