And finally….

The majority of my latest posts have been about my patio and the construction of a flowerbed upon it. There are two more smaller beds to construct but for the meantime the work has finally come to an end but watch this space! On Saturday I spent the whole day at rest except for one small task. E had gone out for a couple of hours before lunch, her lunch that is for I couldn’t wait for her return to eat my own lunch not knowing when she would return. She returned sometime after two o’clock and after a snack drove me out of town to a garden centre in order to purchase some plants. She has a discount card for use in this particular centre so whatever we bought would be at a discount. As events turned out we managed to buy nineteen plants for around £53. There are other garden centres closer to home but I suppose the plants would have been more expensive. We weren’t away from home very long and on our return we immediately put them in the new flowerbed and here they are…….Patio Flowerbed 13Patio Flowerbed 1269

As the plants are perennial we expect to see them flowering for some time. The taller plants, those with long pointing leaves flower earlier in the year and have pink flowers when they do.

It was only just a little more than a week prior that the area looked as shown in the last picture. Those with keen eyesight may notice the plant pots in which the Phoenix Canariensis were growing are now standing on the left in front of the smaller greenhouse as seen in the middle picture. They were originally open at both ends and a couple of years ago I placed them on a sheet of plywood, placed a piece of plastic tube in the centre then filled to 3cms with concrete. Result….two earthenware plant pots with drain holes in them! They are still usable of course but we have so many plant pots now we could open a shop selling them!

Shirley Anne