Along came Tuesday

Most of the week prior to the one just finishing was taken up with my patio flowerbed project and on Monday of this past week I was busy doing an electrical job in the morning. I wanted to make a start constructing the two smaller flowerbeds but not wanting to start in the afternoon I was hoping the weather would be nice on Tuesday so I might begin the work then. Well the weather was fine and sunny and I took the opportunity to start the work late in the morning. The first task was to drill holes through the existing patio walls in order to fit small lengths of plastic tube to act as drains similar to what I had done in the large flowerbed. I then laid out some bricks to check the size I was happy with, mixed some mortar and set them in place. I then mixed some concrete and laid that around the inside to seal the area. I will be putting more concrete in later when the walls have been built. Here are the results….

Patio Flowerbed 14Patio Flowerbed 15








I will be laying five more single courses to complete each of the two beds and then hopefully topping them with stone as with the other walls. As I write this on Tuesday evening I have a small electrical job to do in the morning but because the weather forecast is good for the next couple of days I might press on and finish the work whilst I can. I won’t be able to work on Friday as I have the first of my dental appointments late in the morning and visitors at other times. If I don’t complete the work before then I should be able to finish it on Saturday. We’ll have to see what develops.

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  1. If looks like a good start to the project. I do like the stone on the top of the other walls. Hope to see your next posting with photos of the completed flower bed!

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