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Things seem to be going my way for a change lately. I get electrical work and offers of work that I turn down too. I am making a concerted effort to be more selective in what I take on board but still earn enough to make me happy. So it was that I had one small job to do on Wednesday morning and was back at home at ten-thirty. I didn’t go in the house but took some things out of my van and drove off to the builder’s merchant to purchase more sand and cement. On my return home I took the cement mixer out of the garage and together with my tools and materials set everything up near to the patio. I had decided to get on with the construction of the two small flowerbeds but it was near lunch time by now so I put off starting until I’d eaten. It was a lovely day on Wednesday, wall to wall sunshine but not too warm to work in. I had to work alone as E wasn’t feeling well so it took longer to do what I had planned. She is a great help when it comes to filling the cement mixer and cleaning it out later. She renders assistance in other ways now and then while I get on with the laying of bricks but I had to do it all myself which slows things down. Anyway I managed to build both beds leaving just one row of bricks to do the next day or when I could do them. Here’s what I have achieved so far….Patio Flowerbed 16Patio Flowerbed 17








After laying the last row of bricks I will be skimming the inside of the walls with a cement render and fitting some stone capping as before. Then we can bed the plants.

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