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No, nothing to do with money. We have enjoyed quite a number of warm and sunny days these last couple of weeks and it has allowed me the opportunity to work on my patio projects. I completed the first phase last week and as my post showed, the flowerbed is now filled with plants. I wanted another few dry days in order to begin phase two, the construction of two smaller flowerbeds. As my latest posts show I have made good progress. On Wednesday I had almost completely built both beds leaving only the top course of bricks to lay and also to apply a concrete render to the inside of the newly built walls. On Thursday I was able to complete that work. I worked from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon when I got a call from somebody wanting a small electrical problem sorting out. I cleared the site, had a quick bite to eat and went off to do the job. All that remains to be done with the two flowerbeds is to fill them with soil and plants and then fit a stone capping as with the other walls. At this point in time as I write I have no idea when I will be able to do that but it will probably be on Saturday. On Friday we have people coming to the house to repair a couple of faulty windows under the guarantee or assess that work and arrange a date to repair them. E’s nephew, who is a builder/bricklayer is also calling to give us an estimate to rebuild a large section of  the garden wall. When we levelled the area we called the ‘mound’ and redesigned it last summer we removed tons of soil and stone slabs. Over the years the sheer weight of that material had gradually pushed the wall away from the vertical so once we had removed it we realised the extent of the damage it had caused. The wall is safe as it stands but it looks unsightly and it can only become worse unless something is done about it. Dismantling the wall will also give us the opportunity to cut back the undergrowth on the other side. Our neighbour is lazy when it comes to keeping their side of the wall in order. As it stands at the moment they have brambles, ivy and Japanese knot weed as well as many other garden ‘nasties’ but they have let it get out of hand. As for the knot weed, they were informed about this more than a year ago but have done little about it. The knot weed plants need to be removed by professionals. Our main concern is that it doesn’t begin to show itself on our side of the wall. Fortunately the wall is deep, however that is no assurance. Also on Friday I have a dental appointment in the middle of the day so I am unlikely to be doing any work. I was glad therefore that I got so much done on Thursday.

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