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Friday was one of those days filled with intentions and trying to make the most of the time that was left from that put to one side for others. I arose early for two reasons or maybe three. The first was to put out the waste collection bins though I often don’t know why I bother putting them out so early as they invariably empty them sometime after lunch! The second reason was to be available for the representative of the window installation company who was supposed to call sometime between eight-thirty and nine o’clock to check on a couple of faults we have but didn’t turn up! The last reason I suppose was the fact that I usually get up early anyway. Such is life. There was little I could do early on whilst I waited so I sat and played some songs on my guitar. I didn’t call the window company immediately, in fact I didn’t call them at all. E said she would call them whilst I was at the dentist’s surgery and did in fact do so. They arranged to call on Saturday afternoon. I left the house sometime around ten thirty-five to arrive around eleven for my appointment at eleven-fifteen. Of course appointment times at the dentist’s surgery are never kept are they? I was in the chair around eleven-thirty and left around noon. E and I had made plans to go shopping for more materials and extra plants to populate the two new flowerbeds I had finished building on Thursday. I say finished but the stone for capping the walls hadn’t been laid because that was one of the things we planned to purchase. I paid £51 for my dental treatment but need to return on October 2nd for more treatment. E and I had a quick snack for lunch then off we went shopping but before we could do that I had to empty out half of the things I have in my van to accommodate whatever we purchased. We drove to the new garden centre where a week or so previously I had purchased wood bark chippings, some stone chippings and the stone capping for the large flowerbed wall. I purchased more stone capping but it needs cutting in half lengthwise. We also bought some topsoil in bags and ten potted flowering plants. I don’t know what we were thinking but the amount of soil we bought was far below that which we needed. On the way home we stopped alongside a guy working at the kerb side. He was there with another guy and a youngster around fourteen or fifteen years of age. They were in the process of laying a cobbled forecourt of a house on a street less than a half-mile from our house. I asked him if he could do a small job for me and naturally I would pay him if he could. He called his mate over and asked him if he could cut the stones that I had asked to be cut. Now I have a ‘whizzer’ at home, that is a small hand-held grinding tool but it is only suitable for small jobs. These guys had access to a larger professional water assisted cutter or ‘whizzer’ as they say so he said he would do them, there are three, on the following Tuesday. All he said he wanted in payment was some German beer! E and I drove on home and emptied the van. We made a start on filling the beds but soon discovered that we hadn’t enough soil, even with that which was left over from filling the large bed. I wasn’t prepared to buy some more small bags so off we went again to the builder’s merchant to arrange delivery of another ton of it to be delivered the following Tuesday also. Whilst we were out we decided to visit the B&Q store to purchase four large bags of wood bark chippings and two more potted plants. From there we went to another store and bought some beer and cola for guess who? Finally we returned home and stayed there! Some of the bark we spread out between the plants in the large flowerbed then tidied up and went indoors around five o’clock. I took stock of my purchases and it all came to £150. Total outlay for the day £200 and nothing much got done. Until the arrival of the soil my work in the garden would be on hold for the weekend.

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