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I went to do a small electrical job on Wednesday morning last week. It was simply to fit and connect two ‘Victorian‘ type wall lanterns which I did with no fuss. A third lantern existed on the third wall where they had been mounted, that is three walls each with a lantern. I was informed that there was nothing wrong with this third lantern so there was no need to check it out. Well that was what the guy had told me. Indeed the light appeared to be working just fine. Each of the three lights had an extra wire connected which were supplied by a wall switch inside the house. When this switch was turned on all three lights would come on irrespective of whether their own individual built-in motion detectors had them switched on or not. In other words it acted as an override switch in case they wanted the lights to remain on for any length of time. As all three were linked by these extra wires they would all light up if any one of them was activated. That is the way the circuit was designed to operate. When I left the house everything seemed to be working as they should but late on Thursday evening I received a call from the lady of the house who told me that all three lanterns had switched on automatically in the evening but had remained on. Now either the override switch had been left on inadvertently or one or more of the lantern’s motion detectors were at fault. I couldn’t call to the house on Friday as I had been too busy but I told her that I would be there on Saturday morning to check things out. I disconnected the linking wires and discovered the two new lanterns I had fitted were working perfectly but the third lantern wasn’t. This was the one I was assured was not faulty. Yes, it worked when the supply came through the extra wire, the one linking it to the other two and the override switch but its own sensor didn’t appear to be working. The guy kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with it and he couldn’t understand why I said it wasn’t working properly. He also told me that the original lantern that was fitted at high level had only one wire connected to it when he had removed it and he wondered why the replacement was working with just the one wire. Actually it couldn’t, actually there were four wires, one live, one neutral, one earthing wire and the fourth was the linking wire to the other two lanterns. I was told by his wife when I was there on Wednesday and again on Saturday that the guy was suffering with Alzheimer disease and although he seemed to know what he was talking about he didn’t realise that he wasn’t. There was no way I could tell him, no way I could explain the circuitry even though he kept asking. It just wouldn’t register. Such a shame for the poor guy. Needless to say I levied no charge for my visit. The lady said that they would purchase a new lantern to replace the seemingly faulty one and that her husband would fit it, something he is capable of doing so I was informed. It is only a simple matter of connecting each of the four conductors into its respective terminal once the base plate has been screwed to the wall. I might add here that he had in fact fitted the two base plates for the two lanterns I had connected, though upside down, yet he didn’t want to connect them. I am waiting for another call for help now as I write this on Saturday late in the afternoon whilst waiting for the guy to call to check my window and door. I have a feeling he isn’t going to show for the second time but I might be wrong, there is time left still.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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