A Sunday just like any other?

Lazy Sunday (song)
Lazy Sunday (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the onset of Autumn we had the last Sunday of Summer a few days ago. Ir was noticeably cooler but the air was still. I was up and about very early. I had showered, dressed, eaten breakfast, changed my bed linen and put it in the washing machine and taken down the now dried washing that was hanging in the cellar boiler room all before eight o’clock. I had hung E’s washing up the day before but I would need the line space for my bed linen once it was washed so I had to take the other washing down. I couldn’t hang the washing outside for there was still dampness in the air and dew on the grass. It would be a while before the sun would have any effect, by which time my bed linen would be almost dry! I made myself a cup of coffee and sat out on the patio for a few minutes taking in the cool morning air and watching the antics of one or two birds having breakfast on the lawn. It was nearly nine o’clock and I went indoors. I could hear E moving about upstairs but she didn’t actually come downstairs until it was passed nine o’clock. She likes her lie-in. I potted about until eleven playing guitar or reading emails then decided to prepare the vegetables for dinner. It had been quite some time since I had a roast dinner on a Sunday so it would be something of a novelty. E and I went into the garden for a browse and whist out there began to talk about what we should do in the more neglected corners of it. One area in particular needs some attention and that is the spot in the corner next to the large greenhouse which frankly needs to be landscaped and planted.38 Click on image on left to magnify. The picture was taken four years ago I think when the patio was still under construction because the brick archway is missing in the foreground. We talked about other things we will need to do in the forthcoming weeks one of which is the fitting of a small retaining edge to the flowerbed next to the patio. Presently the soil levels out as it meets the path but often encroaches on it. We will be clearing away the weeds that are growing there, applying a layer of tree bark chippings and rearranging some of the plants whilst adding some new ones. The small retaining wall will be a necessity. There are a couple of plants growing there which we have decided to remove also. After a short while we returned indoors to cook the meal whilst listening to and watching some of the aerial acrobatics of the aircraft taking part in the now annual Southport Air Show held on the last Saturday and Sunday in September. I have been down to the beach a couple of times in the past to see the displays but don’t do that now. Much of the displays can be seen from our house anyway. On Saturday I saw the last flight of the Vulcan aircraft. It was accompanied by the Red Arrows team flying in a ‘V’ and surrounding it.Vulcan and Red Arrow's Hawks It’s size dwarfed the much smaller Hawk aircraft of the Red Arrow team. We cannot help but notice the presence of the airplanes. Even though we hear aircraft every day where we live jet engines are far noisier! So the day rambled on as it usually does on a Sunday and I made the most of the opportunity to relax whilst I had the chance.

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