Nearly there on part two

I had a very restless night on Sunday, kept waking up about every two hours but even my sleep periods were quite shallow. I had things on my mind and I guess I wasn’t tired enough having done little over the weekend. It follows that unless I work hard enough I don’t sleep well. I arose feeling almost as tired as when I went to bed, probably more so after all that tossing and turning. I had an appointment to keep at nine o’clock, an electrical job and had plenty of time to get there as it was local. On Saturday E and I were out buying things for the garden project and we had ordered another ton of soil which was to be delivered on Monday morning. I was about to leave the house just after eight o’clock because I had to make a visit to the electrical supplier before going to the job and the guy delivering the soil turned up. He was about to dump the bag in the wrong place so I dashed outside and stopped him. He had placed the previous load of soil in a specific spot to one side and behind the gate as I had requested only a few days before so he ought to have remembered to place the new delivery in the same spot. Had I not caught him before he dropped the load I would have had great difficulty in getting out of the gate with my van. I drove off to work but was back home by ten o’clock.Cup of coffee There was no way I would be moving any soil for a couple of hours as I was feeling quite drained. After an hour and a cup of coffee though I was feeling fit again and ready to go but I decided to eat lunch first. At noon E went out with her sister who wanted her support while she arranged a new contract for her mobile phone service. As soon as she left the house I donned my overalls and set about moving the soil barrow by barrow into the new patio flowerbeds and planting the two Phoenix Canariensis plants in them leaving plenty of surrounding space for E to bed her new flowering plants as we did with the main flowerbed. I had other work to do, empty and refill the compost barrel, a large container which reduces garden waste to form a rich compost. I also made a start in digging out some weeds in one of the front garden flowerbeds which has been sadly neglected for too long. I was able to dump some of the new soil there but there is more work to do there yet which I will probably do while I have the opportunity. E returned home before four o’clock and put the plants in the flowerbeds. I moved the two plant pots that originally housed the two larger Phoenix Canariensis plants that are now in the main flowerbed, in front of the patio and filled them so that E could plant some bulbs in them. I also moved the two redundant pots which held the smaller Phoenix plants I had just put in the two small flowerbeds onto the steps and E put bulbs in them too. At last most of the work on and around the patio was done but at the time of writing this far I have yet to fit the stone capping on the walls and lay some tree bark chippings in and around the plants in the small flowerbeds. I didn’t get to place the stone capping until Wednesday morning.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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