Sunny Thursday

A "Tropical Breeze Delux"[sic] ceili...
A “Tropical Breeze Delux”[sic] ceiling fan, made by Moss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It might have been a sunny day but it was windy with it. I had to dismantle and remove a ceiling fan and light combination from a conservatory ceiling at nine o’clock for an old lady living just the other side of the town centre. I was at her house last in February to replace her old fuse boards for up to date versions fitted with circuit breakers and RCD units. I may have mentioned it in a post around about that time. It didn’t take long to do and we sat down for a chat over a coffee when I had finished. On my previous visit we had talked about her smoking habit and also about my faith. This time she was keen to tell me she had given up cigarettes. However she was now using those electronic-cigarettes instead which to me are not much better as she still is left craving the nicotine. I doubt she is ready to give them up just now. As far as her moving forward with a belief in God is concerned she asks questions but so far she remains skeptical. Maybe on my next visit she will have had a change of heart who knows? Obviously I never try to persuade but simply witness. I was home again by ten-thirty having had to go to the bank first to deposit the cheque she had given me saying she hadn’t the cash to hand. It is such a pain having to visit the bank to deposit a cheque when I usually save the cash until it mounts up to a reasonable amount and go just the once every week or so. Anyway I wasn’t at home long when I got another call for help. This time the lady explained that she had lost power to her lighting circuits. Off I went and sorted out the problem and was back home again within the hour. This time I was paid in cash and was given more than I had asked. I was also asked to return at a later date to repair several recessed ceiling lights in her kitchen as most of them were not working. I was glad that I had the opportunity to earn something from these two jobs as I’d had only one other during the week which although paid well wasn’t by itself enough to cover my expenses and give me a wage for the week too. I am happy if I get two or three jobs on average each week for then it makes it worthwhile continuing to work. Not having too much electrical work allows me the opportunity to work at home or do other things though, which is nice. It was a sunny Thursday so I spent some time out on the patio enjoying it, out of the wind of course!

Shirley Anne