I love mushrooms

I do love mushrooms but there is no way I would eat these wild ones.

Toadstools 1

Toadstools 2







Toadstools 3




















or this one…

They are presently growing on the lawn in my rear garden and come up every year, though obviously not the same ones. In the past we have had a large circle of them growing out of the grass in that part of the garden but I cannot remember seeing that many in more recent times. I have yet to see any fairies dancing about at dusk or dawn. They are harmless enough unless eaten probably or if handled without subsequently washing the hands before eating. It may be that these particular varieties are edible but I am not even going to try. The visual fungus only represents a very small portion of the true size of it that lies beneath the soil. Wherever fungus, toadstools, mushrooms or whatever name you wish to call them grow there is a vast network like an underground giant spider web beneath the surface which links them all. The fungus is beneficial to the well-being of some plants and trees so I am led to believe and we have a few of those in the garden. There is a presence of fungus in the front garden too. It is a different variety and seems to grow in a clump in a couple of different places where it is moist. I let it alone but if it gets out of hand it is easily removed if needed.

Shirley Anne