Two and a half hours

It promised to be a fine and sunny day on Friday and indeed for the next four days thereafter but it was slow to get warm as the clouds kept blocking out the morning sun. Around about ten o’clock most of the clouds had disappeared and it stayed that way pretty much for the entire day. I put on my overalls and gloves to start work in the rear garden for I had it in mind to put a small natural stone retaining wall in front of the flowerbed which is next to the patio. The soil in that bed often spilled onto the path and to be honest I should have done something about it long ago but I have not had the time with all the other projects I have been working on. So the first thing I had to do was to select enough suitable pieces of stone to do the job. All of the stone we have been using to create the path and surrounding retaining walls around the new mound were discovered buried beneath what was a huge mound of soil and trees in that corner of the garden where the new mound now stands. It was a very fortunate find for to buy it would have cost literally £2000-£3000 and I am certain I wouldn’t have bought it. Even now there is still a lot of it stored in the garden. I made a start on the mini-project at ten-thirty and by one o’clock I had it finished though as I write this I have still to fill in the gaps with mortar as I did with the little wall at the front of the mound. Here is what I have done thus far…Pathway 1Pathway 2











We are now in a position to clear away the weeds and one or two of the plants in the bed we wish to be rid of and then lay some tree bark chippings to keep the weeds at bay. After lunch I spent some of the afternoon sitting in the sunshine and E joined me for a short time before she decided she’d had enough of the wind. I didn’t think it was at all windy but for E any slight breeze, unless it is quite warm, is not to be sat in.

Shirley Anne