All about nothing really

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I had three shots at sleep on Sunday night. It was deliberate. I set my alarm for 02.00 and went to sleep around 10.00. I wanted to see the ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse. I duly awoke and went into the empty front bedroom to look out of the window to see a bright normal coloured full Moon that had a very small dark indent at the left hand side at the top. It was beginning to drift into the Earth’s shadow but it would be some time before the eclipse would be total. I reset my alarm to 03.00 and went back to bed. I woke up again and returned to the front room to see an almost completely total red Moon.

It took a further thirty minutes for the remaining sliver of ‘white’ Moon at the bottom of the disk to turn red but in fact it didn’t turn completely red. It was now around 03,35 and I had seen enough so I returned to bed to be awakened at 06.45 in order to go to work. I have had an interest in Astronomy since I was about nine years old and indeed it became my one and only hobby. Being an amateur ‘Astronomer’ in the UK is difficult at the best of times because of the weather we have and often special events get missed as a result. I have never thought that an eclipse of the Moon was anything special, not in the same way that an eclipse of the Sun is but to see a ‘Blood Moon’ is a rare thing given that most eclipses occur over the oceans and never often in the same place over land. I have seen one before but even then I didn’t take much interest. All I can say is that I saw it this time around.

I went to work feeling refreshed despite the erratic sleep I’d had. The job was supposedly a simple one, to remove a faulty ceiling fan/light combination and fit a new model but it wasn’t that simple. When I removed the faulty unit is was very hot to the touch, in fact it was that hot it couldn’t be handled with bare hands. The next thing I found was that the old unit could have fallen from the ceiling at any time as it had been fixed to the old ceiling laths and not the ceiling joists I had to re-position the new unit to the nearest joist but then had to extend the wiring too. The wiring had been installed in steel conduit and it was in such an awkward place as to be almost impossible to reach from inside the loft. With all the problems I had with the fitting it took me three times longer than it would have normally. Before I had finished that job I got a call for another which fortunately was located on my route home. That job was very easy to do and took me a mere ten minutes. I got back home around one o’clock cooked a meal and later went out on the patio to do a little work there before finally taking a break for an hour or so in the warm sunshine. Later both E and I watered the gardens both front and back. I knew I was going to sleep soundly and had to for I was going out to work again early the next day.

Shirley Anne