A day off

Rear wall 1After the work we had done on Wednesday and indeed even before then E and I were feeling the after effects on Thursday morning so we decided to take the whole day off and do no hard work. Despite the hard work I had another restless night so I wasn’t in the mood for work anyway. However, I did mix some sealant and applied it to the patio floor where I had skimmed it on Wednesday morning. That took all of ten minutes! We sat for a time in the sunny part of the garden on the other side of the lawn away from the house. It was eleven o’clock then and at this time of year the patio is in the shade. It remains in the shade until a little after two o’clock after which it gets the sunshine for about two and a half hours. During the summer of course it enjoys much more sunshine and for a much longer period. The inevitable happened and I was called regarding a very simple electrical job, well not really a job at all but I was asked if I could check the wiring around an electric cooker to ensure there was nothing wrong. The house was a little less than ten miles away so after lunch I drove there, checked things out and then returned home all within the hour having stopped for fuel too. There wasn’t a thing wrong with the cooker installation but it was worth the trip for the £40 fee. E went for the weekly shopping after her lunch and I sat out on the patio in the warm sunshine for a couple of hours.Patio Flowerbed 13 We have been experiencing really lovely weather over the last couple of weeks and I have been making the most of it. By Thursday evening the effects of the previous day had worn off. I got another call to visit a house on Friday after my dental appointment in order to assess some minor work. Whether that work would get done on Friday was debatable as my dental appointment was around noon.

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