Another day off

Medieval dentist removing tooth
Medieval dentist removing tooth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost had a day off yesterday, that is Thursday but nevertheless you could say I had a rest from work considering that what I had done was very little. I knew I wouldn’t be working the next day but I did have to call to a house to assess a small job. I got up around eight o’clock after a really good night’s sleep and was in no hurry to do anything. I had a dental appointment at eleven-thirty and as I didn’t intend to work I dressed in finer clothes for I had it in mind to take E out for another meal after my visit to the dentist and my call at the house to look at that job. Everything went according to plan but I did get calls asking for my electrical services later in the afternoon, they would be accommodated the following week. I was glad to learn that the dentist had carried out the necessary treatment in my two latest sessions and I don’t need to pay him a visit now until next April for a routine examination. On my first visit two weeks ago he had suggested the work might have taken longer. I was happy for the extra day free from work but by the end of the day I was looking forward to Saturday morning when I could do some work at home, the lawn needed probably its final cut for the year and I wanted to remove the last couple of courses of bricks from the perimeter wall we had started to demolish on Wednesday. According to the weather forecast it would be wet and windy within a day or two so these little jobs needed to be done whilst I had the chance.
I don’t know if my readers have noticed but the last few post titles have all begun with the letter ‘A’. There is no reason on my part for that, I put it down to coincidence but maybe there is an explanation somewhere. I’ll try to make my next post begin with another letter.

Shirley Anne