Rain at last

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification ...
Palm trees of unknown species. Identification is appreciated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For quite some time now we have had dry and sunny weather which has obviously¬†been¬†welcomed but there comes a time when we need rain. Now for once I could leave the hose reel in storage and not have to water the garden plants as we got that rain on Monday morning and again later in the evening with more promised during the week. Autumn is here, my favourite time of year. After a more restful weekend I was happy to get a request for work but it wasn’t much, though it paid well. More followed during the week, enough to keep me happy. There will be plenty to do at home, in the gardens, clearing away fallen leaves, pruning back overgrowth of trees and shrubs. We are hoping the wall we demolished might get re-built within the next few weeks but of course that will require we get a couple of dry days to have it done. E and I have been watching and feeding the squirrels as one or two of them have been busy scurrying about on the wall, in the garden and through the tree branches. No doubt they have been searching for food and storing it away. There will be less sitting out on the patio as the temperature drops away though at this moment we are still enjoying temperatures of 17 C or 18 C during the day. It won’t last though and it won’t be long before I will have to wrap the palm trees with some plastic sheets to protect them from icy winds. We have some large sheets of plastic bubble-wrap ready for when it is required. The plants can withstand below freezing temperatures up to a point but the cold wind burns the leaves and it is the wind which needs shielding against. For the time being is it just getting cooler and wetter but not enough to prevent working outside.

Shirley Anne