Sunbathe in October

English: Dangerous sunbathing.
Dangerous sunbathing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For anyone living a thousand miles south of where I live sunbathing in October is probably more the norm than the exception but for where I live it is very much the exception. I don’t do sunbathing as a rule but the opportunity has been with me during the first two weeks of October, most unusual. We have had such fine weather for the beginning of the month but whenever the wind could be felt it has been a little chilly too. A sheltered spot anywhere out of the wind was a warm micro-climate and still very suitable for anyone wishing to sunbathe. I like the idea of creating micro-climates in a garden. Many have done so and have turned part of their gardens into warm havens in an otherwise cold place and have been able to grow plants not usually found in temperate climates in them. However, as the weather is turning cooler it is ideal for working outside and at this time of year there is always plenty to do outside, not least of all sweeping up the leaves! I was out for a walk a few days ago and saw a guy with a petrol-driven air blower who was clearing away his drive. I thought to myself well that is a good idea but only if the leaves are subsequently collected and put in the bin but I didn’t think he was doing that which meant the leaves would probably end up on someone else’s driveway. A little anti-social I suppose but the wind does the same thing doesn’t it? It was only last week I swept up a lot of leaves only to discover there were lots more of them two days later. Eventually though there will be no more leaves to clean away and the gardens will be settled down for the winter. I often get people asking me to install outside lighting or repair the same during the colder months as they never think to check such things when the weather is fine, warm and sunny. Unless the work is easy I won’t be taking on such work if I can help it. I have been taking every opportunity to sit out on the patio whilst the weather has been fine for I know that soon I will only be able to look at it through the window.

Shirley Anne