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Over the years I have had many problems with my computers, most of which were minor or reasonably minor and were resolved fairly easily. Not many of those problems were due to the operating system in use, Windows XP and Windows 7, my last two. I was encouraged to try the new Windows 10 system, similar to its immediate predecessor Windows 8 but supposedly with improvements and best of all it was on offer for free. How could I resist? I took the bait and well, everything seemed okay, any minor glitches were automatically sorted out but since using the system I have experienced quite a number of problems. Windows 10 isn’t as great as they might like us to think it is. I get the screen freezing up and programs ceasing to work, cursor disappearing, computer start-up very slow at times yet alright at other times. This appears to be due to update activity, especially when the machine is first switched on in the morning. Windows 10 seems to be unstable at times. I run routine maintenance every day, clearing away temporary files and updating the security program but I have no control over Windows updating itself as it is set to do that automatically. It could be switched to manual updating if I chose to do that but then I might miss important updates. I switched off the computer one evening (Sunday) recently and there were no problems. When I switched it on the following morning the machine had problems. The machine became unstable yet again and I found I couldn’t get programs to respond. One of the worse things is when the cursor is very slow in responding but mostly that is because the computer is busy doing other things like updating itself. I also discovered that the list of installed applications wasn’t showing when the icon was clicked upon and neither was the start-up panel where short-cuts can be stored. I noticed also that one of the tray items was missing. I could still use the machine but these inconveniences made it more difficult when doing certain tasks. Microsoft help pages are all on the Internet with directions often to private companies offering help for a fee of course. There is little or no help to be found within the Windows 10 program itself so for someone who isn’t technologically experienced any problems can prove to be a nightmare. Think about the elderly who use these systems but haven’t a clue what to do when things go wrong. I have some experience but I wouldn’t say that my limited knowledge is of much help with many of the issues I am faced with occasionally. Windows 10 could be better, it should be better and there should be some mechanism by which simple problems can be quickly resolved. Microsoft (and other companies) should not abrogate their responsibilities and leave the problem solving to their customers to sort out. My recommendations? Well at the moment I might say throw the computer in the trash bin! Obviously I won’t be doing that but it proves one thing and that is like it or leave it we are now lumbered with them and the problems they sometimes cause. The computer, the Internet might have their good sides but their bad sides can be done without and them not working as they should is one of them. Bring back the quill!


Update : I took it in for a check up and decided to get a reinstalled copy of Windows 10.


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  1. Hello Shirley! The reason you had problems with Windows 10 is your machine is not compatible. I have a Dell XPS 850 with Windows 8 and after I had upgraded to 10, I started to experience problems similar to the ones you have described. I called Dell and technical support told me that my computer is not compatible. I had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall Windows 8.

  2. Thank you for the comment but I think you are wrong, especially as it worked fine for almost two months. The engineer affirms that it was a software problem and in fact has now reinstalled it. The only way my machine wouldn’t be compatible is if it had little memory to work with. It is a top of the range model designed for use with Windows.
    Shirley Anne x

  3. Hi Shirley, I have to say that I am surprised you switched. I run Windows 7 on a total of 7 pcs’s, 4 at work 2 at home + 1 laptop and for the most part have been happy with it. Previously XP as yourself which again was very reliable. I was fortunate to miss Vista altogether and Windows 8 has been beset by problems. I have read of problems with Windows 10, not least the fact that some of your existing programs/ software/ drivers may not work but see no need to change until forced to do so. I understand that you can switch back to what you had before and personally I would recommend you do so, but if you want to live with the teething problems and to do the windows testing on behalf of Microsoft then that is up to you. I won’t be changing till I have to. Good luck ! Hugs TInaCortina x

  4. Tina’s quite right. I fall for it every time, going for the latest updates for their supposed ‘improvements’ and ending up with a basket of new problems. Having said that, the update from 8.1 (installed when I bought this laptop) and 10 has been reasonably smooth; the biggest challenge was stripping out all the ‘must have’ junk that Microsoft insist on bundling with their operating systems. I’ll be interested to know if reinstalling Windows 10 solves your problems.

    Angela x

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