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I’ve not done any writing of posts on this site for almost a week. The main reason for that is my laptop has been out of action for a few days because of software problems concerning Windows 10. I wrote about this in a pre-written post published recently. The post was written days ago and that is the second reason for my not writing much. I usually write around five or six posts in advance. Most of those have now been published. Although the laptop has been fixed I am using the Android tablet to write this as I am having difficulty in connecting to the Internet, it’s a router password matter I haven’t resolved at this moment after many attempts. I think, though I’m not entirely sure, I might be using the wrong information. I am waiting for some family assistance. So I am using the tablet which is equipped with predictive text, something I am not used to as yet but I am learning fast. It is so good it presents many of the words I am about to write as if it is learning as it is used. Maybe. Although the tablet is a 10 inch one half of the screen is taken up by the pop up keyboard and if I magnify the text it becomes more difficult to navigate. I shouldn’t grumble, at least I have more than one means to get on line. The eighteen inch screen is much better though. The laptop has been wiped clean and Windows 10 has been installed and all is well thus far but I need to get on line in order to reinstall other software. So I am hoping that will be soon. In the meantime I am stuck with what I have.

Well I spoke too soon didn’t I? On Saturday morning I managed to connect with the router and began the long process of downloading the various add-ons, extensions and saved data when the machine froze. A reboot didn’t resolve the problem and in fact I wasn’t able to even get the sign in page! I returned the machine so that further investigations can be made. So now I am thinking there is a hardware fault. I it proves difficult I may have to purchase another. What a bummer! Until I can buy a new compute or have the current one repaired all my posts here may have limited content.

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