Back on track

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Ater a few days of problems with my computers and a lack of work to drag me away from it all I was back in the thick of it on Tuesday, that is back at work. It wasn’t a straightforward day though as it might or should have been. I was on ‘light’ duties as it were but even the simplest of tasks was wrought with problems, mostly due to poorly designed fittings which do nothing to aid their installation. As someone who regularly installs light fittings and units I am well aware of the various problems I get confronted with and how to solve them but that in itself alone is not enough. I need patience and ability but sometimes get so frustrated knowing that most of the problems could easily not be there in the first place. It is usually the smallest details that spoil things, terminal boxes totally unsuitable for the wiring supposed to be connected in them, tiny fixing screws to fasten the unit to its base where longer screws could be supplied, screws almost inaccessible because of their positioning and many more things all supplied or fitted without any real thought for the person carrying out the installation. Designers are not installers but perhaps they should try out their designs before marketing them. Notwithstanding all of this I finally did the work I was asked to do and was duly paid for my services. Naturally the work took me longer than I’d expected. During my stay there I received a call from a lady wanting me to do a couple of jobs but whilst asking her for more details she decided that her husband should call me later instead. The questions I’d asked? One was ‘Do you live in a bungalow or a house’? I wanted to know how high her faulty light had been fitted as she told me it was just beneath the roof. She couldn’t answer the question! Oh come on, it can’t be that difficult a question to answer could it? It would seem so for some people.

I arrived home and prepared lunch. I wanted to call the service department where I had left my computer for repair on Saturday to see what progress had been made. As I have bought another machine in the interim I am in no hurry to get the other one back, nevertheless I needed to know if the problems had been sorted out. Only one telephone number is given for this organisation so I had to dial it only to be informed that the number had been changed. I dialled the new number and that’s when I realised I was about to go nowhere with my query. A pre-recorded family tree unfolded in my ear, if you require this then press 1, if you require this then press 2 and so on and at each stage more branches to follow. The tree must have been enormous. All I wanted was the local depots repair section, simple enough but no it had to be as complicated as they could make it whilst all the time I was paying for the privilege! I hung up and decided they will call me else I will pay them a visit within the next day or so, after all it is only a couple of miles away. not even that far. The world has gone mad, simplicity and logic has just flown out of the window and we are being left with confusion. It has been designed that way.

Shirley Anne